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Montgomery Co., TN Bible/Family Records

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Montgomery County Bible Records

as recorded on 06/15/1937, when owned by
Mrs. Will BROWN, of Clarksville, Tenn.


O. B. BRADY was born Dec. 11th, 1824.

Delilah Moore BRADY was born April 11, 1853.

Fanny BRADY, daughter of O. B. and Delilah Moore BRADY,
was born June 2, 1880.

Will BROWN, son of John Riley and Mary BROWN, was born Mar. 14, 1880.

Ida Margaret BROWN was born Oct. 1st 1906.

Grace Irene BROWN was born Sept. 12, 1908.

William Brady BROWN was born July 22, 1913.

Myrtle Eugenia BROWN was born Oct. 6, 1920.

Robert Canton WEBSTER was born Aug. 18th, 1930.      }   Grandchildren
                  Ida Sue Ellen WEBSTER was born Dec. 22, 1932.    }     of                              
Earnest Eugene BROWN was born Oct. 19, 1934.      }     Mr. & Mrs.
          Laura Ellen BROWN was born Oct. 5, 1936.           }   Will BROWN


This is to certify that Will BROWN and Fannie BRADY were united by me in the Bonds of Holy Matrimony at Esqr. Burrs on the 17th day of Sept. in the year
of our Lord 1905 in the presence of H. H. ADAMS and Ida BRADY.

Grace Irene BROWN and Vernon R. WEBSTER were married Dec. 18, 1927.

Wm. Brady BROWN & Lucy MOOREFIELD were married Oct. 7th, 1933.

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