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Death Certificate for
Mrs. Callie P. DORRIS

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State of Tennessee Dept. of Public Health, Div. of Vital Statistis
Certificate of Death #29005
Name: Callie Phina Dorris, WM, Widow, Robertson Co., Dist. 12
Date of death: 1 Apr 1943
Age: 83 years; 1 month; 23 days
Cause of death: Myocorditis due to infirmities
Date of birth: Feb 8 1859, TN
Husband: William P. Dorris
Occupation: Housewife
Father: Wiley Holland, VA
Mother: Besta Demona Smith, TN (Desta Demona Smith)
Informant: Mary D. Baggett, Greenbrier, TN
Burial: Greenbrier Cemetery on 2 Apr 1943
Undertaker: Associated Funeral Directors, Springfield, Thos. E. Austin

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