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Montgomery Co., TN Bible/Family Records
DURHAM Family Bible

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Montgomery County Bible Records

DURHAM Family Bible
as recorded on 05/30/1938, when owned by
Jeff DURHAM of Clarksville, Tenn.


Martha Washington DURHAM, born Sept. 10th, 1852, died Sept., 1922.

Mary J. DURHAM, born Apr. 23rd, 1855, died May, 1937.

Nancy L. DURHAM, born Aug. 14th, 1857.

John Henry DURHAM, born Feb. 1st, 1860, died Jan. 1st, 1862.

Jeff Davis DURHAM, born Oct. 18th, 1862.

William E. L. DURHAM, born Aug. 7th, 1866, died Aprl. 3rd, 1868.

Emma Belle DURHAM, born Aug. 18th, 1868.

Docia Nellie DURHAM, born Sept. 30th, 1870, died Mar. 26th, 1897.

Atlantic Mallory <DURHAM>, born May 10th, 1873, died Dec. 3rd, 1882.


Lillie A. NICHOLSON, born Aprl 22nd, 1873.

Sammie C. NICHOLSON, born June 7, 1875, died Aug. 26th, 1876.

Johnnie T. NICHOLSON, born June 21st, 1877.

D. C. PARDUE, born July 1st, 1890, died May 31st, 1937.

Attie COBB, born 1887.

Durham COBB, born 1890, died June 18, 1927.

Flora Bell COBB, born Mar. 18, 1893.

Samuel Jefferson DURHAM, born Sept. 28, 1918.

Jessie Ray DURHAM, born Jan. 31st, 1921.

Great Grand Children of Sam & Susan DURHAM

Geneva Carr WATSON, daughter of T. N. & Lillie A. WATSON, born Jan. 3, 1895.

Martha W. SMITH, daughter of John & Johnnie WATSON, born Nov. 6, 1899.

Mary W. SPARKMAN, daughter of John & Johnnie WATSON, born June 29, 1902.

Ledlie Boone W. ELLIOTT, daughter of John & Johnnie WATSON,
born Feb. 22, 1908.

John Morrow WATSON, Jr., son of John & Johnnie WATSON, born Oct. 18, 1913.

David D. PARDUE III, son of David C. PARDUE, Jr., born Aug., 1915.

Billy Gray PARDUE son of David C. PARDUE, Jr. born March, 1917.

Great, Great, Grandchildren of Sam & Susan DURHAM

Martha Elizabeth SMITH, daughter of Norman & Martha SMITH, granddaughter of John & Johnnie WATSON, great grand daughter of John & Martha NICHOLSON, great great grand daughter of Sam & Susan DURHAM, born Feb. 18, 1922.


Sam DURHAM of Cheatham Co. and Susana SANDERS of Cheatham Co.
were married on Dec. 19th, 1850, at home of bride,
by Rev. Wiley Williams of Cheatham Co.
Witness:    Mathew MOKE and Mary A. SANDERS.

Marriages of Children

Martha W. DURHAM was married to John T. NICHOLSON in 1870,
married the second time to Capt. Dave C. PARDUE, March 10th, 1889.

Ella DURHAM was married to T. J. COBB.

Mary DURHAM was married to Dave WALLS, June 28th, 1890.

Docia DURHAM was married to Durwood SMITH, March 16th, 1897.

Belle DURHAM was married to Charlie CHILDS, Nov. 1899.

Jeff DURHAM was married to Mrs. Nannie POOLE, Aprl. 27th, 1918.

Marriages of Grand Children of Sam and Susana DURHAM

Lillie A. NICHOLSON was married to Thadius Newton WATSON, Jan., 1892.

Sammie NICHOLSON was married to Josephine SHERRON, ApriL 30th, 1895.

Johnnie T. NICHOLSON was married to John Morrow WATSON, Dec. 7th, 1896.

D. C. PARDUE was married to Robbie JUSTICE, 1915.

Durham COBB was married to Florence HEATH, June, 1919.

Flora Bell COBB was married to Fred REAL, Aug., 1922.

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