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Genealogy Pages for Northern Middle TN
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Our Family Photos Gallery

Below are family photos of Vanessa Slea ,site owner, and Stan Magnesen, site coordinator.  Some of these (especially the Magnesens, Kalleklevs, and Slea/Sloughs) are not from the northern middle TN region, but we felt they deserved a place of respect on the site.  After all, genealogy is about family.

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Isaac Nathan DeBusk

Joshua Walker (plus an enhanced photo)

Carney Hodges, Willie Wayne Walker & Seaman Trotter

Lydia (Blevins) DeBusk & Family

Tom Walker

Eliza Jane (Baggett) Hodges w/ children

Ida (Mathis?) Adams & husband

Toney Walker

James Allen Hodges & family

Cris & Annie DeBusk w/ children at home in Ark.

Bettie Walker

Unknown--please help us identify this group of people

Susan (Adams) DeBusk & grandchild

Flora (Walker) (Powers) Brigham


Nelson Adams 1856-1925

Kate Walker


Eliza Ann "Annie" (Mathis) DeBusk

John "Johnny" B. Walker & wife


Toney & Hattie Ann (Guthrie) Walker & family


Wedding day of Anders (Kalleklev) Magnesen and Gladys Lillian Benelisha


Mary Ella (Been) Slea & Ford Michael (Slough) Slea

Citizenship Class of Anders (Kalleklev) Magnesen

Ford Allen Slea

Carl Magnesen


W. Lorene (DeBusk) Slea

Magne & Marta Kalleklev  
M. Lucille (DeBusk) Tidwell Magnesen Family