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Dekalb Co., TN Bible/Family Records
G. R. SMITH Bible

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Dekalb County Bible Record

G. R. SMITH Bible
As recorded in June 1937, when owned by his daughter,
Mrs. Manda WEBB, of Smithville, Tennessee


Elizabeth Alice SMITH was born February 2nd 1858.

T. C. SMITH was born January 23rd, 1860.

Amanda F. SMITH was born September 16, 1865.

Minerva J. SMITH was born March 15, 1868.

Mary E. SMITH was born March 17, 1871.

Nancy H. SMITH was born July 29, 1874.

Lillian Omilia SMITH, child of T. C. & Lore H. SMITH, was born Apr. 8, 1884.

George Ray was born July 14, 1895.
<In this entry, I could not tell if RAY was a last name or a middle name.>

James Watkins LEE Jr. was born November 21, 1906.

Richard Henry LEE born October 9, 1911.


G. R. SMITH of DeKalb County and Rebecca DAVIS of DeKalb County married
on May the 3rd 1857 at John DAVIS <home?> by Rev. William McNamer.

T. C. SMITH & Lov H. CARDWELL were married Nov. 16, 1882 by Rev. J. M. Kidwell.

F. K. Z. WEBB and Amanda F. SMITH were married
March 19, 1885, by Rev. J. F. Blackwood.

M. T. MARTIN and Jessie M. SMITH were married
April 8, 1886 at the Christian C. by Rev. J. F. Blackwood.
<Above the name Jessie M. Smith, is handwritten "Josie"--
this may not have been put there by the original transcriber.>

R. L. EATON and Mollie E. SMITH were married May 12, 1889.

J. W. LEE and Nancy S. SMITH were married October 14, 1894.


Elizabeth Alice SMITH departed this life December 12, 1858.

G. R. SMITH departed this life November 27, 1904.

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