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Smith Co., TN Bible/Family Records
HALE Bible

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Smith County Bible Records
HALE Bible

Taken from the Bible of William HALE, owned in 1936 by Odell HAILE, Hunter's Point Road (West of Payne's Store), Trousdale County, Tennessee.
Originally transcribed by Mrs. Rhea E. GARRETT, July, 1936.

William HALE & Prissey CAGE were married April 25, 1787.

William HAILE was born February 2nd, 1759
Priscilla CAGE was born September 22nd, 1768

Cage HAILE was born April the 19th, 1788
Elizabeth HAILE was born August the 12th, 1789
Sarah HALE was born March the 10th,  1791
Nicholas HALE was born June the 10th  1792
Wilson HALE was born June the 10th  1792
William HALE was born June the 4th  1794
Richard HALE was born August the 12th  1795
James HALE was born October the 11th  1796
Edward D. HALE was born November the 8th  1797
Prissay HALE was born July the 2nd 1799
Jessey HALE was born September the 20, 1801
John B. HALE was born September the 23, 1804
Cyrus B. HALE was born November the 22, 1807
Eliza T. TAYLOR was born September the 1st    1810


Joseph YOUNG and Elizabeth HALE were married March the 9th   1809

Robert M. MOORES and Sarah HALE were married April 1809
Cage HAILE and Rebeccka RANKIN were married November the 2nd 1809

Wilson HALE and Nancy Ann. H. CRUTCHER were married September the 24th  1818

Richard HALE and Mary J. YOUNG was mared March the 15 inst    1819

Edward D. HALE & Prissilla HALE was married December the 18th   1825

Children of Nicholas and Sarah HALE:


Rachel Amanda HAILE was bornd May the 26th   1822
Elizabeth Malvina HALE was bornd October the 11th   1824
William C. HALE was bornd July the 28th  1826
Elizabeth M. MOORE was born the 22nd October   1810
Prissella Almira HALE daughter of N. and Sarah HALE was born March the 19th   182(8)?
Elizar YOUNG was born the 25 of February   1815-
Eliza YOUNG was b.  -    -    -    -

     Herbert LIPSCOMB was born Oct. 15, 1875
     Nannie Elizabeth LIPSCOMB was born June the 24th   1880

Edward M. HAILE was born May the 29th   1806

Priscilla Ann HALE was born September the 18th   1834
William Joseph HALE was born the 10th March   1836
James Cage HALE was born June 30th   1846
Louellar HALE was born August th 15th   1853.
Samuel J. HARPER and Priscilla Ann HALE was married the 11th   1854.

Sarah was born September   1833

Martha Ann, the daughter of Sarah and Bobs or Boles was born November the 28, 1851.
Nancy L. Jane was born Oct. the 15th this 1859.
Rubin Cage was born June the 23th A.D. 1855.
Burton was born August the 24 A.D. 1856
Susan Malisey was bornd Febry the 4th   1860
Mary Wiley was born May th 28   1861

Samuel J. HARPER was born March 20, 1832.
James William HARPER was Born August the 11th   1856,
And Departed His Life on the 6th Oct. 1856
Bennetta HARPER was bornd Augus the 15the   1857.
Nancy Elizabeth HARPER was bornd June the 20the   1860
D. C. HARPER was born October the 5th   1866
Marietta HARPER was born March the 5th 18_2  (?)


Elizabeth YOUNG died Nov. the 5th   1821
William HALE, Senr. Departed this life June the 29th   1822
James HALE Deceased this life 1833, June 6th.
Priscilla HALE Deceased this life September the 6th   1849.
P. A. HARPER Consort of D. J. HARPER Died April 20th   1867.
E. P. HALE Died October the 29th   1886
Cyrus B. HALE Died March 17, 1887.

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