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Montgomery Co., TN Bible/Family Records
Howard Davis Family

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Ancestors of Howard Davis

Generation No. 1

1. Howard Davis, born 1910. He was the son of 2. Walter Davis and 3. Lula Davis. He married (1) Laura Louis Eads Davis. She was the daughter of Russell Eads and Maret Frances Baggett.

Children of Howard Davis and Laura Davis are:
i. Francis Davis, born April 07, 1930 in Robertson County, TN; married Raymond (illegible) Black June 1948 in Hopkinsville, KY.
ii. Kathleen Davis, born January 08, 1932 in Montgomery County; married Harold Holland Bain March 1951 in Hopkinsville, KY.
iii. James A. Davis, born October 08, 1926 in (illegible county); married Joyce Ann Batson August 03, 1957.
iv. Charles Eddie Davis, born February 05, 1951 in Montgomery County, TN; married Deborah Sue Wall January 02, 1970 in Hopkinsville, KY.

Generation No. 2

2. Walter Davis, born 1884; died 1965. He was the son of 4. James Davis and 5. Celina Y. Davis. He married 3. Lula Davis.
3. Lula Davis. She was the daughter of 6. James Yarbrough and 7. Mary D. Yarbrough.

Children of Walter Davis and Lula Davis are:
1 i. Howard Davis, born 1910; married Laura Louis Eads Davis.
ii. Ora Davis.
iii. Lillan Davis.

Generation No. 3

4. James Davis, born 1851; died 1931. He was the son of 8. Oliver Davis and 9. Monnie Davis. He married 5. Celina Y. Davis.
5. Celina Y. Davis. She was the daughter of 11. Millie.

Children of James Davis and Celina Davis are:
2 i. Walter Davis, born 1884; died 1965; married Lula Davis.
ii. Louis Davis.
iii. Sterling Davis.
iv. Cord. Davis.

6. James Yarbrough. He was the son of 12. Joe Saul Eads and 13. Joen Eads. He married 7. Mary D. Yarbrough.
7. Mary D. Yarbrough. She was the daughter of 14. Joe Baggett.

Children of James Yarbrough and Mary Yarbrough are:
3 i. Lula Davis, married Walter Davis.
ii. Henry Davis.
iii. Jessie Davis.
iv. Clarance Davis.
v. Haris Davis.
vi. Bob Davis.
vii. Walter Davis.
viii. Owen Davis.
ix. Pearl Davis.
x. Effie Davis.
xi. Angie Davis.
xii. Lucy Davis.
xiii. Emma Davis.
xiv. Essie? Davis.

Generation No. 4

8. Oliver Davis. He was the son of 16. Ki Davis and 17. Betty Davis. He married 9. Monnie Davis.
9. Monnie Davis.

Children of Oliver Davis and Monnie Davis are:
4 i. James Davis, born 1851; died 1931; married Celina Y. Davis.
ii. Isham Davis.
iii. Lenard Davis.
iv. Henry Davis.
v. John Davis.
vi. Oliver Davis.
vii. Bill Davis.
viii. Beckie Davis.
ix. Billy Davis.

11. Millie.

Children of Millie are:
5 i. Celina Y. Davis, married James Davis.
ii. Bud Davis.
iii. Allic Davis.
iv. Mack Davis.
v. Henry Davis.
vi. Newte Davis.
vii. Weldon Davis.
viii. Jones Davis.
ix. Sussie Davis.
x. Sarah Davis.
xi. Mollie Davis.
xii. Penthoney Davis.
xiii. Ida Davis.
xiv. Ella Davis.

12. Joe Saul Eads. He married 13. Joen Eads.
13. Joen Eads.

Children of Joe Eads and Joen Eads are:
6 i. James Yarbrough, married Mary D. Yarbrough.
ii. Bill Yarbrough.
iii. Charlie Yarbrough.
iv. Sam Yarbrough.
v. Lizzy Yarbrough.
vi. Sussie Yarbrough.
vii. Tempie Yarbrough.
viii. Mary Yarbrough.

14. Joe Baggett.

Children of Joe Baggett are:
7 i. Mary D. Yarbrough, married James Yarbrough.
ii. Bill Yarbrough.

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