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Death Certificate for (infant) EDWARDS

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Following is a transcription of the above person's (TN) death certificate:

Place of Death: County: Dickson, Civil Dist. 11, Village or City: (blank)
     Reg. Dist. No. (blank), Primary Reg. Dist. No. 42211, Reg. No. 18, File No. (blank)
Full Name: (infant) EDWARDS
Sex: Male     Race: White     Marital Status: S
Date of Birth: 6/19/1917
Age: 13 ds.
Occupation: (blank)
Birthplace: Tenn.
Name of Father: Ed EDWARDS
Birthplace of Father: Tenn.
Maiden Name of Mother: Ida JONES
Birthplace of Mother: Tenn.
Informant: Ed EDWARDS   Address: Sylvia Tenn. R-2
Filed: 7/2/1917       J. F. Hunt, Registrar
Date of Death:  7/2/1917
The physician last saw him alive on 7/1/1917
Death occurred at: 5 AM
Cause of Death: Fever and (illegible) was never well development
     Duration: 12 ds.
Signed by: J. F. Hunt, M. D.       Date: 7/2/1917      Address: Tenn. City Tenn.
Place of Burial: Edwards Cemetery      Date of Burial: 7/2/1917
Undertaker: McGee      Address: Van Leer

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