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Death Certificate for James William CARTER

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Following is a transcription of the above person's (TN) death certificate:

Reg. No. 26412  Reg. Dist. No. 641
Full Name: James William CARTER
Date of Death: 3/19/1947
Place of Death: County: Montgomery, Civil Dist. 12, City or Town: Clarksville
     Name of Hospital: Clarksville
Usual  Residence: State: Tenn.      County: Montgomery     Civil Dist.: 17
     City or Town: RFD #1
Race: W         Sex: M           Marital Status: Single
Age: 1 yr. 2 mos. 15 ds.
Date of Birth: 1/4/1946
Place of Birth: City or County: Montg.      State or Country: Tenn.
Husband or Wife of: (blank)
If Veteran Name of War: (blank)                 Social Security Number: (blank)
Usual Occupation: (blank)                        Industry or Business: (blank)
Name of Father: Lige CARTER
Birthplace of Father: city or county: (blank)     state or country: Illinois
Maiden Name of Mother: Willie Mai BLACK
Birthplace of Mother: city or county: Montg.          state or country: Tenn.
Informant: Mrs. Ore Lee BRYANT        Address: Clarksville Tenn.
Burial, Removal, or Cremation: Burial              Date: 3-19-1947
Cemetery: Lone Oak               Place: Cunningham
Undertaker: McReynolds         Address: Clarksville       by: B. L. Smith
Date Filed: 4-4-1947                Frances Hyams, Deputy
The physician attended him from 3/18/1947 to 3/19/1947
     and last saw him alive on 3/15?/1945
Death occurred at: 5:45 AM
Immediate Cause of Death: Lobar Pneumonia          Duration: 36 hrs.
     Operation: no        Autopsy: no
Signed by: V. H. Griffin, M. D.      Address: Clarksville Tenn.     Date: 3/21/1947

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