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Dekalb Co., TN Bible/Family Records
John B. CROWLEY Bible

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Dekalb County Bible Record

John B. CROWLEY Bible
As recorded in February 1937, when owned by
John B. CROWLEY of Smithville, Tennessee


John. B. CROWLEY was born at Smithville Tennessee Feb. 8, 1861.
He was the son of W. G. CROWLEY and Rebecca CROWLEY.

Minnie Staley CROWLEY was born at Cookeville Tennessee Feb. 9, 1867.
She was the daughter of Jas. STALEY and Ophelia STALEY.

Laura Ophelia born June 29th 1883.

Gerlmie Rebeca born August 28th 1884.

Katie Nell born April 31st 1887.

Willie born October 2nd 1889.

Clarence Garrett born Feby. 20, 1892.

Baby died at birth born Feby. 21st 1894.

Elains born Feb. 14th 1895.

John Gun born October 21st 1895.

Baby died at birth born February 8th 1900.

Clyde Drake born November 26th 1904.

Little Tom born February 26th 1907.

Edward born September 26th 1909.

James born June 31th 1910. <Obvious error--June does not have 31 days.>


J. B. CROWLEY and Minnie STALEY were married Sept. 24, 1882.

James YOUNG and Gertie CROWLEY were married August 19, 1906.

Sam POTTER and Willie CROWLEY were married December 27, 1906.

H. H. REEDER and Elains CROWLEY were married June 22, 1912.

Clarence CROWLEY and Stella MILLER were married Apr. 24, l9l4.

Ray WHITSON and Katie Nell CROWLEY were married Apr. 20th, 1915.

John Gun CROWLEY and Minnie Lee HALLAWAY were married June 19, 1919.

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