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Montgomery Co., TN Bible/Family Records
JORDAN Family Records

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Montgomery County Family Records

Letter from Newton JORDAN to William JORDAN, 1840
as recorded on 11/27/1939, when owned by
Mrs. William M. DANIEL, Madison St., Clarksville, Tenn.

                                                                                       December 23the day 1840

Dear Uncle William JORDAN and Family and all ofe My relations in gipson.
Sir I a Vail my selfe of the preasent oportunity ofe addressing you with
the newse Ofe Williamson in the out sed Uncle Johnson JORDAN Has obtained religion and was babtized last Sunday By the Reverent Enich Rushing ofe
Bedford County A free will babtize at the beaver dams hearpath river.
He was under Conviction four or five months befoure He came through and
got it at home ---- N.B. ganmauther JORDAN has binn in bad health but
her health is emproving at this time. All ofe our Connexion Are well as
far as I know at preasent. Uncle William G. BOYD has bought Cousin
Marcus BOYD land at twenty Five dollars per acer and give two negro men
at $800 dollars a peice for them and the balance in Cotton And Some Notes
And Marcus is a gowing to move to The State of Missoruie between this and
the first ofe March. N.B. We have made a very bad crope this Last season
except the Corn Crop one now and then - Some neighb-hood Corn are worth
from $.75 cents to $ one dollar per barell.

N.B. Good tobacco are worth from $5 to $6 dollar A hundred at Nashvill
the Cotton Crop are verry shorte average are a bout three to four hundred
Weight to the acer and are worth from $7.50 to $7.75 cents and porke from
$2.50 to $3 dollars per hundred Money matters appear to be Scase I was
at Nashvill a fiew days agow and times Are prety lively since old tipe a
canoe was Elected, and Confidence are restoried times will Be better we
think in twelve or eighteen mounths thear was som negroes sold in Nashvill
a fiew days Ago thear was one likely young woman she brought $700 hundred dollars cash and orithers in perpotion the Common prices are for young woman from $500 to $550 to $600 dollars and it depends pun the quality ofe them.
and men are worth from $750 to $800 hundred dollars.

I was in Virginia and Northcralina last Sumer I twoke twenty nine head ofe
Horses and brauther Robert thirteen head we sold for Cash and dun tolerable
well I expected when I lefte home I could by some negroes in Virginia they
are much higher thear and thear in Tennessee.

Mr. YEARGAN offered Susan WOOD twenty dollars Per acer for her land in two payments March And March come year she thought she would Take the price
and by a nother place in Giles County. William T. J. WOOD went out to lwooke
And the man had rased on the price to twenty Dollars pre acer she has given
out the notion ofe Selling at preasent. Mr. KING give for Seventy or eighty
acers of land to Capt. TULLOSS twenty two dollars per acer cash of the
east end of his tract the old Capt. TULLOSS is dead they have binn a grate
many deaths hear this fall and windre Robert CALHOON he is dead and
William SCALES All so a Son of old Daniel SCALES

I have nothing more At preasent only I have Colleceted all ofe my Monney
from Haley and M. C. DOWELL and got the twelve and half per cent that
they promised me see part ofe my notes cald for United States paper or
silver or silver well last Febuary he made a offer to me if I would take
Tennessee paper they would pay the twelve half per cent on the holl a mount
Uncle William give my best respects to Mj M. C. CLARING of your County
Sheriff. I must come to a close write to me the news of your Country I
remain Yours most respecttsfully

                                                                                    Newton JORDAN.

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