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Montgomery Co., TN Bible/Family Records

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Montgomery County Bible Records

as recorded on 09/03/1936, when owned by
Mrs. F. Norman SMITH, Sr., who lived at
1209 Madison St. Extension, Clarksville, Tenn.


Martha A. NEBLETT was born July 20th, 1816.

Charles C. KEESEE was born Sept. 18th, 1856.

Reuben C. KEESEE was born Aug 11th, 1858.

Charlotte A. MCILLWAIN was born Augst. 29, 1857.

Mary L. MCILLWAIN was born Nov. 8th, 1859.

Mary E. METCALF was born July 20th, 1862.

Willie METCALFE born February 8th, 1865.

John KEESEE was born August 14th, 1783.

Ann M. CHAPMAN was born May the 27th, 1796.

Mary P. KEESEE was born March the 7th, 1816.

Ann Runyon KEESEE born February the 1st, 1816.

George S. KEESEE was born June the 15th, 1817.

Reuben C. KEESEE was born July the 20, 1819.

John A. KEESEE was born March the 8th, 1822.

William P. KEESEE was born January the 12th, 1824.

Bellefield O. O. KEESEE was born October the 28th, 1827.

Peyton H. KEESEE was born June the 6th, 1830.

Jennie Lee KEESEE was born August 4th, 1863.

George P. NEBLETT was born August the 10th, 1836.

Sterling M. NEBLETT was born May the 18th, 1811.

Jones Daly NEBLETT was born July 23rd, 1839.

Sarah Keesee NEBLETT was born May 31, 1841.

Josiah Richard NEBLETT was born the 5th day of February, 1844.

Mary Ann NEBLETT was born July 22nd, 1848.

John Sterling NEBLETT was born March 18th, 1850.

Nannie Virginia NEBLETT was born March 5th, 1863.

Judith Pleasants KEESEE daughter of Reuben C. & Judith P. KEESEE
was born November 13th, 1841.

Nannie Ligon KEESEE,  daughter of Reuben C. & Judith P. KEESEE,
born February 6th, 1844.

Mollie E. METCALF, daughter of J. P.&
Ilia METCALF, born July 20th, 1862.

Jesse A. METCALF, daughter of J. P.&
Ilia METCALF,  born June 1st, 1869.

Ross BELLAMY, son of Nannie Keesee BELLAMY & John T. BELLAMY,
born June 30th, 1876.

Reuben Keesee BELLAMY, son of Nannie Keesee BELLAMY & John T. BELLAMY, born May 1st, 1879.


John KEESEE and Ann M. CHAPMAN intermarried on the 22nd day of April 1813.

Sterling M. NEBLETT and Ann R. KEESEE intermarried
on the 20th day of October 1835.

Reuben C. KEESEE and Judith P. LIGON were married January 2nd, 1840.

William P. KEESEE and Mary Rebecca FOX were married Dec. 17th, 1850.

John A. KEESEE and Mary C. EDMONDSON were married January 28th, 1851.

Bellefield Octavius KEESEE and Cornelia R. PEACHER were married July 27, 1852.

George S. KEESEE and Mary A. BOURNE were married December 7, 1852.

Payton H. KEESEE and Mary C. USSERY were married Dec. 20, 1855.

George S. KEESEE and Martha C. MURPHY were married Nov. 10, 1857.

J. Pleasant KEESEE and
Ilai METCALFE were married July 10th, 1860.

M. C. NORTHINGTON and Nannie NEBLETT were married Oct 21, 1873.

George S. KEESEE and Mary A. BOURNE were married December 7, 1852.

Nannie L. KEESEE & John T. BELLAMY married Oct. 15th, 1874.


Sallie Keesee MCILLWAIN died November 1908.

Mary Rebecca Fox KEESEE died Aug 9, 1911.

Robert I. KEESEE died Jan 2, 1913.

M. C. NORTHINGTON died Feb. 1, 1913.

Ann M. KEESEE departed this life May 10, 1864.

Robert Y. KEESEE departed this life June 22nd, 1865.

Willie METCALFE, daughter of Pleasants and
departed this life May 6, 1866.

Mary C. KEESEE, wife of P. H. KEESEE, departed this life July 1, 1867.

Judith P. WIMBERLY departed this life Jan. 26, 1870.

Jennie Keesee GHOLSON died Aug. 24th, 1891.

John KEESEE departed this life November 19th, 1867.

Ann R. NEBLETT died Aug 28th, 1870, age 54 yrs., 6 months & 27 days.

Bellefield O. KEESEE died Dec. 30th, 1875.

William F. KEESEE died March 16th, 1886.

George Sam KEESEE died June 24th, 1892.

Mollie E. Metcalf ROLLOW died October 11th, 1888.

Mrs. Mattie Neblett WRIGHT died Sept. 9, 1894.

John A. KEESEE died Dec 18, 1896.

Peyton H. KEESEE died June 5th, 1910, age 80 years.

Jones Dailey NEBLETT May 7, 1906.

Ann Eliza KEESEE, wife of Peyton KEESEE, died Dec. 20th, 1912.

Judith Pleasant Keesee METCALFE died Jan 9th, 1912.

John T. BELLAMY died April 4th, 1901.

Mrs. Joseph R. NEBLETT died Dec. 1918.

Joseph R. NEBLETT died Feb. 5, 1919.

Mrs. Jones NEBLETT died Sept. 1919.

Mrs. Cornelia P. Keesee TURNLEY died March 1, 1919.

Nannie Neblett NORTHINGTON died Nov. 12, 1932.

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