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Cannon Co., TN Bible/Family Records
L. C. TODD Family Bible

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Cannon County Bible Record
L. C. TODD Family Bible

     The following record was originally copied from the bible of L. C. TODD, which was owned in 1938 by his son, Edgar TODD.  At that time, Edgar TODD lived near Readyville, in the 1st District of Cannon County.  This family is an old and prominent one of the County.  The bible was 182 years old at the time of the original transcription, and some of the entries were illegible.

Originally copied by Mrs. Glady Stacey PITTARD, Woodbury, Tennessee - November 12, 1938.


Wm. TODD was born September the 28, 1793

Margret SPEAR was born September the 7, 1796


Wm. TODD was married to Margaret SPEAR October 15, 1815


Elizabeth TODD, daughter of Wm TODD and Margaret, his wife,
was born December the 9, 1817

Lizzie TODD was born February the 2, 1820

James TODD was born January 15, 1822

Nancy J. TODD was born November 12, 1823

Mary J. TODD was born January 24, 1825

Wm. T. TODD was born February the 22, 1827

Jacob H. TODD was born March 21, 1829

John R. TODD was born January the 8, 1839

John R. TODD married January the 30th, 1853, to Levica BLANCT

John R. TODD departed this life 1921


Sarah S. TODD was born July 8, 1833

Margaret A. TODD was born July 20, 1835

Tennessee TODD was born in July 1847

Mary Solindy SIMPSON was bornd July 31, 1877

James S. TODD was married to Jemima COX October 18, 1846

John S. TODD was born December the 14, 1847

Margaret A. TODD departe this life the 6 day of July 1851

Children of John R. TODD and Levica Blanct TODD

W. C. TODD  Born February 14, 1853

L. M. TODD  Born November 17, 1855

Clemmie TODD  Born November 9, ____

Mary Francis TODD, January ___, 1862

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