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Death Certificate for Luthie Ora BAGGETT

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Following is a transcription of the above person's (TN) death certificate:

Name: Luthie Ora BAGGETT
Date of Death: 1/12/1949
Race: W     Sex: F       Marital Status: Widowed
Date of Birth: 8/2/1872         Age: 76 yrs. 5 mos. 10 da.
Place of Death: County: Houston, Civil Dist. 4, City: Erin
Length of Stay in this place: Life
Name of Hospital or Institution: (blank)
Usual Residence: State: Tenn.  County: Houston, Civil Dist. 4, City: Erin
     Address: Erin
Usual Occupation: Housewife
Social Security No.: (blank)
Was Deceased ever in U. S. Armed Forces?: No
Birthplace: Dickson--Tennessee              Citizen of what country?: U. S. A.
Father's Name: Joseph R. BURNS
Mother's Maiden Name: Rebeca COONE
Informant: Ray T. FRENCH          Address: Erin, Tenn.
Cause of Death: Sudden death--cause unknown
     Interval between onset and death: Instant               Autopsy: No
Certified by: D. H. Atkins, H. O.               Address: Erin, Tenn.
Date of certification: 1/20/1949
Burial/Cremation/Removal: Burial              Date of Burial: 1/14/1949
Name of Cemetery: McMillan                Location: Erin, Tenn
Funeral Director: Wiseman Funeral Home          Address: Erin, Tenn.
Reg. Dist. No. 442         Date Signed by local Reg.: 1/20/1949
Registrar: Hallie Griffin


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