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Will of Mary A. DEBUSK

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Note: According to the family research of this web site owner, her full name was Mary Angeline (Thompson) DEBUSK.  If you are researching this family line, please contact Vanessa Slea at  .

From Dickson County Wills page 332:

IN THE MATTER : Will of Mrs. Mary A. DEBUSK, deceased, Dickson County, Tennessee.


     BE IT REMEMBERED that on this the 17th day of July, 1958, before the Honorable James A. Weems, County Judge, came Leroy DEBUSK, bearing a paper writing dated February 28, 1930, purporting to be the last will and testament of Mrs. Mary A. DEBUSK, deceased (July 11, 1958), and moved the Court that the same be admitted to probate and record as such; and
     IT APPEARING TO THE COURT from the testimony of LOYS BALTHROPE and Leroy DEBUSK that the signatures of J. J. SPRINGER and W. T. MCGEE (attesting witnesses to said instrument and being now deceased) and the signature of Mary A. DEBUSK, with which they were familiar, were true signatures and in their own handwriting; that Mary A. DEBUSK was a resident of Dickson County at the time of her death; that she was of sound mind at the time of the execution of said will; that she died in Vanleer, Tennessee on July 11, 1958;
     IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED by the Court that said instrument is the true, whole, and last will and testament of Mary A. DEBUSK, deceased, and the same is admitted to probate and record as such.
     THE Clerk will issue letters testamentary to Mr. Leroy DEBUSK, Executor named in said will, he to serve as such without bond in accordance with the wishes and directions of the Testatrix.
     This the 17th day of July, 1958.

(signature of James A. Weems, County Judge)

I, Mrs. Mary A. DEBUSK, of the 11th, dist. of Dickson County, Tenn. do make and publish this as my last will and testement, hereby revoking and making void any will heretofore made by me.
FIRST.  It is my Will that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid as soon after my death as possible.
Second.  I will devise and bequeath to my children namly, Jim, Leroy, Ted, Ada, Lila, and Irma, one seventh of my estate each, and to my grandchildren namly Richard and Morris BUCKNER, and Woodrow HARDISTER being children of my daughter Bonnie, I give one seventh of my estate to be devided between them equaly.  It is my will that if me property can not be divided satisfactory that it be advertised and sold to the highest bidder and the proceeds divided as set out above.  I give the exector of this my last will and full authority to sell and make tital to the purchaser the same as I could do if living.
THIRD: I nominate and appoint my son Leroy DEBUSK as sole Executor of this my last will and testament, and request that he be permitted to qualify and act as such with out bond being required of him.
This Feb. 28, 1930.

(signature of Mary A. DEBUSK)

The forgoing will and testament was signed by the testator in our presence, and we attested the same in her presence and at her request.
This Feb. 28, 1930.

(signature of W. T. MCGEE)
(signature of J. J. SPRINGER)


Note: Incorrect spellings were in original document.

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