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Death Certificate for Maurice Lee BAGGETT

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Following is a transcription of the above person's (TN) death certificate:

Name: Maurice Lee BAGGETT
Date of Death: 10-25-1950
Race: W     Sex: M     Marital Status: Married
Date of Birth: 10-01-1892
Age: 59 years 0 months 24 days
Place of Death: County: Montgomery, Civil Dist.: 20, City or Town: Rural
   Length of Stay in This Place: Life
Usual Residence: State: Tenn., County: Montgomery, Civil Dist.: 20
   City or Town: Rural, Street Address: Slayden, Tenn. R1
Usual Occupation: Farmer     Kind of Business or Industry: Agr.
Social Security Number: (blank)
Armed Forces?: No
Birthplace: Tennessee
Citizen of What Country: USA
Father's Name: Unknown
Mother's Maiden Name: Donnie BAGGETT
Informant: Mrs. Eva BAGGETT     Address: Slayden, Tenn.
Cause of Death: Coronary Occlusion Embolus              928.1
   Due to: Accident 2 weeks ago, bruised
Accident, Suicide, or Homicide: Accident     Place of Injury: Farm    Rural
Time of Injury: 10-06-1950 9AM       Injury Occurred While: At Work
How Did Injury Occur?: mules ran away with hay rake--dragging him--
   cut scap--bruised body.
Signed by: Troy A. Walker, M. D.     Address: Erin, Tenn.     Date: 10-27-1950
Burial, Cremation, Removal: Burial     Date of Burial: 10-27-1950
Name of Cemetery: Baggett Chappel     Location: Slayden, Tenn.
Funeral Director: Wiseman Funeral Home     Address: Erin, Tenn.
Reg. Dist. No.: 46320     Date Signed by Local Reg.: 10-31-1950
   Registrar: F. J. Malone
Additonal Information by Physician:
1/26/51  Undertaker states: Correct age 58 yrs. 0 mo. 24 ds.

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