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Dekalb Co., TN Bible/Family Records
Bible of Mrs. M. PAYNE

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Dekalb County Bible Record

Mrs. M. PAYNE Bible
As recorded in June 1937, when owned by her daughter,
Mrs. J. C. TAYLOR, of Smithville, Tennessee


B. A. GILBERT was born December 13th 1866.

M. PAYNE was born March 1st 1855.

J. C. TAYLOR was born December 15th 1884.

Willie Mai PAYNE was born March 4th 1887.

R. L. PAYNE was born March 25th 1890.

Herbert M. PAYNE was born February 28th 1892.

Huse PAYNE was born January 30th 1894.

Minnie PAYNE was born May 25th 1896.

Henry PAYNE was born January 9th 1900.

Bessye Lee PAYNE was born May 11, 1902.

Robert Edward TAYLOR was born October 27th 1905.

Birtha Mai TAYLOR was born December 23rd 1912.

Betty John TAYLOR was born July 17th 1918.

Sarah Dorothy TAYLOR was born November 27, 1920.


M. PAYNE and B. A. PAYNE were married May 17th 1886.

J. C. TAYLOR and Willie May PAYNE were married December 30, 1912.

Dewey H. PHILLIPS and Bessye PAYNE were married Sept. 4th 1918, at Bham. Ala.


D. A. PAYNE died April 25th 1903.

B. B. TAYLOR died November 19th 1919.

Mamma TAYLOR died February 9th 1925.

Carl PHILLIPS died February l3, 1925.

W. L. TAYLOR died March 26th 1925.

Minnie ROBINSON died March 5th 1926.

Manson M. PAYNE, age 79 died February Thursday 1934.

Pauline Payne MCQUITY died July 5th 1935.

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