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Smith Co., TN Bible/Family Records
Robert ALLEN Family Bible

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Smith County Bible Record
Robert ALLEN Bible

Records from the family Bible of Robert ALLEN, of "Greenwood," Smith County, Tennessee.
This Bible was printed by Mathew CAREY, No. 122 Market Street, Philadelphia, Penn. Nov. 7, 1803.
IN 1936 it was the property of Mrs. George B. KIRKPATRICK, Richland Ave., Nashville, Tenn.
Originally copied by Miss Matilda A. PORTER, June, 1936.


Robert ALLEN was married to Rebecca GREER the 28 of December 1803

Robert ALLEN and Alethia VAN HORN married March 3, 1825, 
in the City of Washington, by the Rev. Mr. Post.

George C. ALLEN & Martha OVERTON married Oct. 27, 1842 
at her fathers near Nashville.

Andrew ALLISON was married to Rebecca G. ALLEN, daughter of Robert and Rebecca on the 24th May 1832 at Greenwood by Rev. Samuel C. McConnell.

Dixon ALLEN, son of Robert & Rebecca ALLEN was married in Nashville 
to Mrs. Louisa W. GIBBS on the 26 day of Sept. 1832.

Joseph W. ALLEN & Catherine K. MAXWELL married in Jonesboro E. Tenn. on Thursday evening the 4th of April 1839, by the Rev. J. W. Cunningham.

Joseph W. ALLEN and Mrs. Mary HEMPHILL (Bently) were married in Bledsoe County, Tenn. Thursday August 24th 1854 by Rev. Iran W. Klegg.

Virginia D. ALLEN and Thomas P. BRIDGES married at Carthage Tenn., 
by Rev. John Nichols, on Wednesday, February 4, 1880.


Robert ALLEN was born June 19 Anno Domini 1778.

Rebecca ALLEN wife of Robert ALLEN was born 22 of August, 
Anno Domini 1787.

Alethia VAN HORN (second wife of Robert ALLEN) was born in Prince George County Maryland on the 18th of Oct. 1804.

Robert & Rebecca's daughter, Eliza ALLEN, was born Oct. 11, 
Thursday evening, 9 oclock Anno Domini 1804.

James Greer ALLEN was born, Wednesday, 2 oclock, March 5, 1806.

Tilman Dixon ALLEN was born the 2nd Day of March in the year A. D. 1808

Caroline Walton ALLEN born February the 11th 1810

Rebecca Greer ALLEN born the 24th day of February A. D. 1812

Joseph Webster ALLEN was born the 16th day of May A. D. 1814

Robert ALLEN was born July 13, 1816, son of Robert and Rebecca.

George Campbell ALLEN was born the 30th day of September 1818, 
son of Robert and Rebecca.

Archibald Van Horn ALLEN son of Robert ALLEN and Alethia VAN HORN 
was born May 21, 1827 on Monday Morning at Greenwood.

David Burford ALLEN was born January 3, 1830, at Greenwood.

William Rozin ALLEN was born 15 march 1833, at Greenwood.

Alethia Beale ALLEN was born 3d of June 1835 at Greenwood.

John ALLEN was born at Greenwood on the 22d of April 
in the year A. D. 1837

Eliza Clarisa ALLEN born at Greenwood the 24 August 1839

Virginia Dixon ALLEN was born at Greenwood Monday morning 
at 9 oclock July 10 A. D. 1843

Mary Webster LUCAS, Sister of Robert ALLEN was born Aug. 22, 1797.


Departed this life in the 61 year of his age on the 4th day of November 1811, George ALLEN also Elizabeth ALLEN, his wife on the next day November 5th, 1811, the 65 year of her age.  Father and Mother of Robert ALLEN (who records this last tribute to their memory).

Departed this life March 4, 1794 James ALLEN, brother of Robert ALLEN.

Departed this life Oct. 22, 1812, Joseph W. ALLEN (Brother of Robert ALLEN).

Departed this life Eliza ALLEN (daughter of R. ALLEN)  on the 18th day of February 1816.
     "We mourn thy death, lovely Daughter, for thou wert Dear,
       But why so selfish as to wish you here,
      Where we the ills of Troubled life Indure,
      There, thou art safe to know these ills no more."


Departed this life Sept. 27, 1817 George C. ALLEN (Brother of Robert ALLEN) at Baton Rouge, La.

Died on Friday evening on the 29 March 1822 in the 34 year of her age, Rebecca ALLEN, wife of Robert ALLEN, who is left to mourn the loss of an angel companion.

Died on Feb. 17th 1827 Margaret MCAULEY, Sister of Robert ALLEN.

Died at Greenwood on Thursday January the 3d 1828 Caroline W. ALLEN, daughter of Robert ALLEN in the 17th year of her age.
"Youth, Innocence and all that was lovely plead, but in vain."

John ALLEN, brother of Robert ALLEN departed this life on the 19th day of May A. D. 1833 from the kick of a horse in the 57 year of his age.

Dixon T. ALLEN, died at Gallatin on Friday night 12 oclock, 26 Sept 1834, where he had gone to attend Court.

Robert ALLEN, Jr. died at New Orleans 5 of February 1836

Died on Tuesday night 10 oclock, July 28, 1840, William Rosin ALLEN aged 7 years and four months at Greenwood.

Died on Saturday night about 2 oclock, Aug. 1, 1840 Eliza Clarissa ALLEN aged not quite one year.  Thus in less than one week, have the parents been bereft of two lovely children.

Departed this life at Greenwood on Monday evening Aug. 19, A.M. 1844 Robert ALLEN aged 66 years and 2 months.

James G. ALLEN
Departed this life in Lafouch, La. April 21, 1855.

David Burford ALLEN died at Brownsville, Texas, Sept. 7, 1855.

Alethia ALLEN wife of Robert ALLEN died Oct. 24, 1862, at Greenwood, aged 58 years and 10 days.

Alethia Beal ALLEN, daughter of Robert and Alethia ALLEN, died at Dr. Lapsleys in Nashville July 6, 1854, aged 19 years 1 mo. and 3 days.

Virginia Dixon Allen BRIDGES daughter of Robert and Alethia Van Horn ALLEN and wife of Thomas P. BRIDGES, died at her brother Vans near Gallatin Saturday 7 oclock A.M. Aug. 13, 1887.

George CAMPBELL died near Saundersville, Sumner County, Tenn. Friday Aug. 23, 1889.

Archibald Van Horn ALLEN died Thursday 2 oclock Sept. 5, 1889.

Hester MAXWELL died March 18, 1844.

Louisa Gibbs, Brown, Allen, CAMPBELL died at Jackson, Tennessee, July 25, 1892.

Rebecca G. ALLISON, daughter of Robert & Rebecca ALLEN, died at the home of her daughter, Rebecca PORTER, Nashville, Tenn., March 2, 1895.

Children of George and Elizabeth ALLEN

James - Born March 31, 1774; Died March 4, 1794.
John - Born Feb. 24, 1776; Died May 19, 1833.
Robert - Born June 19, 1778; Died Aug. 19, 1844
William - Born Aug. 3, 1780; Died Oct. 6, 1856
George CAMPBELL, Born Feb. 16, 1783; Died Sept. 27, 1817
Elizabeth, Born July 25, 1785; Died April 1, 1867
Margaret, Born April 22, 1788; Died Feb. 17, 1827
Joseph Webster, Born March 10, 1792; Died Oct. 22, 1812
Mary Webster Born Aug. 22, 1797; Died Jan. 14, 1889
(She married George A. LUCAS, Nov. 4, 1817, Lucas died June 22, 1832.)


"Robert ALLEN was an officer and acted a conspicuous part in the war of 1812 under Gen. Andrew Jackson, served his District in Congress of the United States for several Sessions with great credit.  He was also a member of the Convention that formed the present (1834) Constitution of Tennessee and filled other offices in his County and State with credit.

"Few men were more popular among his constituents or more useful to the community in which he lived, respected and beloved and none ever sustained a character more exemplary, so few died more generally lamented."
          -from the Obituary of Robert ALLEN at time of his death, and
           copied in the family Bible by his son, Joseph W. ALLEN.

Ancestry of Rebecca GREER, wife of Robert ALLEN.

Special Inscription in Bible (written June 30, 1889, by Joseph Webster ALLEN, son of Robert ALLEN, Sr. and Rebecca GREER.)  Samuel GREER born in Limerick, Ireland, Married Rebecca MCCRACKEN (Grandparents of Jos. W. ALLEN and Rebecca Allen ALLISON.)

Samuel & Rebecca GREER, Samuel was born in Ireland 1750, Died in Jonesboro, Tennessee, 1833 (aged 83 years).  Rebecca GREER died near Jonesboro March 25, 1828, aged 68.  They had 3 sons and 5 daughters, all born at Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  They came to Jonesboro in 1790.  Their children were named John, Samuel, Thomas, Catherine, Mary, Hester, Margaret and Rebecca.  Mary was the oldest and was the last one to die.  She married John CHESTER and died April 5, 1860.
Catherine married John KENNEDY, died March 26, 1840.
Hester married a Mr. KELSEY first, then Samuel MAXWELL.
Margaret married Isaac B. MCCLELLAN.
Rebecca married Robert ALLEN.  She was born Aug. 22, 1787, married Dec. 25, 1803 in Jonesboro, died near Carthage, Smith County, Tenn., March 29, 1822.
Samuel married ____________.
John & Thomas neither married.
John lived to be nearly 80.
Mary was born March 1795, married in Jonesboro July 14, 1816,
Died in Somerville, W. Tennessee, June 30, 1889.

See Reminiscence of Greenwood, home of Robert ALLEN.

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