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Montgomery Co., TN Bible/Family Records
Samuel NORTHINGTON Family Records

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Montgomery County Family Records

Samuel NORTHINGTON, Sr. & Samuel NORTHINGTON, Jr.--Revolutionary Soldiers
as recorded on 03/18/1938
Ancestry of Mrs. Corinne Northington SMITH,
wife of F. Norman SMITH, who lived at
1209 Madison Street, Clarksville, Tenn.
and Mrs. Virginia Northington Smith DEATON,
wife of Theodore Mashburn DEATON.

Samuel NORTHINGTON, Sr., Revolutionary Soldier, was born in Surry Co., Va.
in 1725 and died in Cumberland Co., N.C., 1808.
Samuel NORTHINGTON, Jr., Revolutionary Soldier, was born in Sussex Co., Va.
in 1754 and died in Montgomery Co., Tennessee in 1843.
Both were Soldiers in the Revolutionary War.

I was born in Clarksville, County of Montgomery, State of Tennessee.
I am the daughter of F. Norman SMITH born 1869, and his wife Corinne NORTHINGTON born 1874, Married 1893.
The said Corinne NORTHINGTON was the Daughter of Michael Carr NORTHINGTON born 1850, died 1913 and his wife Nannie Virginia NEBLETT born 1853 died 1932, Married 1873.
The said Michael Carr NORTHINGTON was the son of Samuel Henry NORTHINGTON born 1814 died 1893 and his (2) wife Mary Evelyn CARR born 1828 died 1855, Married 1846.
The said Samuel Henry NORTHINGTON was the son of Michael NORTHINGTON born 1781; died 1821; and his (1) wife Nancy MCKINNEY born 1788; died _____; Married 1803.
The said Michael NORTHINGTON was the son of Samuel NORTHINGTON Jr. born 1754; died 1843; and his (2) wife Mary JONES born 1756; died _____; Married 1779. The said Samuel NORTHINGTON Jr. was the son of Samuel NORTHINGTON, Sr. born 1725, died 1794 and his wife Phyllis EDMUNDS born ____ died 1772, Married 1746.
The said Samuel NORTHINGTON, Sr. was the son of Samuel NORTHINGTON born 1700, died 1744 and his wife Anne STERLING born ____; died 1742; Married ____. The said Samuel NORTHINGTON was the son of Samuel NORTHINGTON born _____, died ______ and his wife Hannah, born ____, died _____, Married ________• Samuel NORTHINGTON, Jr. assisted in establishing American Independence while acting in the capacity of Private in Cumberland Co. North Carolina.

Ancestor's Revolutionary Services

My ancestor’s services in assisting in the establishment of American
Independence during the War of the Revolution were as follows:

Father and two sons, Samuel NORTHINGTON, Sr. and Samuel NORTHINGTON, Jr., and Jesse NORTHINGTON were in the same Militia from Cumberland County,
North Carolina, as proven by claims paid by the Board of Auditors for Willmington District. Records from Army Accounts in State Archives in Raleigh,
North Carolina.
My ancestors lived in Surry and Sussex County, Virginia, and in Cumberland County, North Carolina.

The father of Samuel NORTHINGTON, Sr. was also Samuel NORTHINGTON and served in the Virginia Colonial troops. His father Samuel NORTHINGTON
with his wife Hannah, emigrated from England in 1691 and had land grants in Gloucester Virginia.

Record from North Carolina Revolutionary Accounts in State Archives at Raleigh, North Carolina, Vol. IX, Page 8, Folio 4.

For Samuel NORTHINGTON, Jr. see Mrs. Corinne Northington SMITH’s record National No. 166076.

Samuel NORTHINGTON, Jr. married
(1st) to Priscilla MITCHELL _______.
(2nd) to Mary JONES, ______, 1779.



Date of Birth

To Whom Married












Burrel FORT









Charlotte CARNEY



Mary & Sallie NORFLEET

Samuel NORTHINGTON, Sr. married Phyllis EDMUNDS in Surry Co. Va., 1746.

Samuel NORTHINGTON, Jr. married Cumberland Co. N. C., 1779.

Children of Samuel Worthington, Sr.

1.    Anne NORTHINGTON, born 1747, died 1747.
2.    Sterling NORTHINGTON, d. 1773.
3.    Samuel NORTHINGTON, married (1st) Priscilla MITCHELL
                                                           (2nd) Mary JONES
4.    Jessie NORTHINGTON married Ann POPE.
5.    John NORTHINGTON married Elinor _______.
6.    William NORTHINGTON married ____  _____.
7.    Mary NORTHINGTON married Lewis AKINS.
8.    Elizabeth NORTHINGTON married John BETHEA.

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