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Montgomery Co., TN Bible/Family Records

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Montgomery County Bible Records

as recorded about 1938, when owned by
C. A. SENSENEY, who lived at Woodlawn, Tenn. R#1.,
about 15 miles north of Clarksville, Tenn.


Birt SENSENEY, son of H.H. SENSENEY, borned 27 April, 1902.

Mary Elizabeth <SENSENEY>, born Oct. 22, 1903.

Lowry Edwin SENSENEY born Nov. 12, 1904.

Peter SENSENEY was born in York Town, Pa., the 4th of Nov., A.D. 1781.

Peter SENSENEY was born in Fredric County, Va., Nov. 1st, A.D. 1787.

Fayette Franklin SENSENEY was born in Fort Royal, Sept. 30, A.D.1809

Addison P. SENSENEY was born October 9th, A. D. 1810.

Cyrees Barns SENSENEY was born at Mount Hope, Shenandoah City, Va.,
Friday, August 9th, A.D. 1812.

Alla Ann SENSENEY born At Mount Hope, Va.,
Thursday, September the 17th A.  D. 1815.

Laura Amelia SENSENEY was born At Mount Hope, Va.
June 2nd, Monday, 1817, A. D.

Mary Catherine SENSENEY born at Mount Hope, Va.,
Tuesday, 1st day of December, 1818.

John Addison SENSENEY was born at Finy Run, Faugsun County, Va.,
Monday the 28th of January, 1822.

Louisa Jane SENSENEY was born at Trigg City, Ky. 1st day Oct., 1846.

John Catlett SENSENEY was born Dec. 17, A. D. 1848.

Jacob Burns SENSENEY was born June 8th, 1851.

Addison Peter SENSENEY was born Feb. 5th, 1854.

Amelia Ann SENSENEY was born August 6th, 1855.

Robt. Anderson SENSENEY was born Saturday the 8th of Feby., 1858.

Althea Cornelia SENSENEY was born August 11th, 1861.

Alexanda SENSENEY was born July, 1865.

Mary Catharine SENSENEY was born Sun. 18th, 1864.

Virginia SENSENEY was born June 23rd, 1865.

Finas F. SENSENEY was born April the 29th, 1868.

Cyrus A. Clensworth SENSENEY was born January 8th, 1879.

Adelia Weaks SENSENEY was born the 7th of March, 1867.

Sara Louise SENSENEY was born the 16th of Feb. 1899.

Bessie May SENSENEY was born the 1st of Dec. 1902.


Peter SENSENEY & Louisa CATLETT were married the 22nd of Nov., A. D. 1808.

John A. CATLETT and Alla Ann SENSENEY were married the 28th of March, 1839.

A. M. ANDERSON and Louise Ametia SENSENEY were married
the 24th day of Nov., 1840.

John C. BLANKENSHIP and Mary C. SENSENEY were married the 11th, Sept. 1845.

Cyrus B. SENSENEY and Sarah Jane SENSENEY were married
December 30th, 1845, Tuesday.

J. B. SENSENEY and Siggie Nora ALLENSWORTH were married March 13th, 1878.

T. T. SENSENEY and Adelia WEEKS were married Feb. 12, 1893.

G. F. TANNER and Virginia SENSENEY were married in 1894--Tuesday.

J. B. SENSENEY & L. A. HOWELL were married Apr. 19, 1913.

Lowery SENSENEY and Olga PARSON married Mar. 8, 1924.


Addison P. SENSENEY, died August 4th, 1811.

Peter SENSENEY died April 29th, 1833.

Fayette Franklin SENSENEY, son of Doct. Peter & Sarah Sensensy,
died January lst, 1835, at Phildelphla, with small pox, 25 years, 3 months of age.

Louisa SENSENEY, wife of Doct. Peter SENSENEY, departed this life
March, 1839, age 57 years, 4 months, 16 days.

Foddison P. SENSENEY, Son of Cyrus & Sarah SENSENEY, died Sept. 27th, 1854.

Mary Catherine BLANKENSHIP died August 4th, 1857, in Texas.

Alexander SENSENEY died July, 1863.

Mary Catherine SENSENEY died June 26th, 1864.

John A. CATLETT died Monday, Sept. 16th, at 1/2 past 11 o’clock A.M., 1867.

Cyrus P. SENSENEY died Friday, April the 21st, 1876.

Siggie SENSENEY, wife of J.B. SENSENEY, died the 17th of July, 1900.

Sara Louise SENSENEY died Nov. 3, 1904.

Thos. T. SENSENEY died July 31, 1908.

Althea Jefereer died April 10, 1908.

Cordella SENSENEY, wife of C.A. SENSENEY, died the 24th of October, 1908.

J. B. SENSENEY died March 29, 1926.

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