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Robertson Co., TN Wills

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Robertson County, Tennessee, Will Book 19, page 144 & 145, March 17, 1874

Last Will and Testament

I, Thomas Savage do make and publish this as my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void all other wills by me anytime made:
First:  I will that my funeral expenses and all my debts be paid as soon after my death as possible out of any monies that I may possessed or may first come into the hands of my Executors.
Second:  I give and bequest to my wife Nancy W. Savage the place I now reside on.  Beginning at Elisha Wilson's old mill running west to the lane above the house, thence north to Willie B. Savage corner around by Willie and James M. Savage line down the gulley to Santee Creek; thence east with Baggett's line to a Spring Branch; thence down the road to Luitila Chandler's line; thence west about 30 yards down L. Chandler's line to Santee; thence up Santee to the beginning; also about 30 acres timber land alying north of Willie and Robert L. Savage's about 115 acres more or less, at her death, I will that my wife go to my son Thomas Savage; I also will that my wife Nancy 4 mules and 3 mares of her choice; three wagons and two sets of harness and as many farming tools as she wants, all the house hold and kitchen furniture.  I also desire that the distillery and mill be for the use of the family.   I will that she have as many cows she wants, sheep and all other things necessary for one years support.
Third,  I have given my son Eli Savage $2,000.00 in hand in valuation and have given him a deed to the same.  I desire that each tract be worth $2,000.00.
Fourth: I give to my son James M. Savage the place he now resides on containing 75 acres more or less.
Fifth:  I give to my sons James M. Savage and Willie B. Savage the place that Samuel McMurry formerly lived containing 75 acres more or less.
Sixth:  I give and bequest to my son Robert L. Savage 100 acres land laying north of James M. Savage and west of Willie B. Savage.  I desire that the remainder of my land stay together as it is and that my son Thomas shall have control of it and keep it in repair with the young children for a support.
Seventh:  I will that my three daughters Elizabeth F. Savage, J. L. Savage and Dolly Savage be made equal with my sons, to have $2,000.00 each if there is enough of my estate, if not enough the boys have to make it up to them so that all shall be equal.  I desire that the said remainder of land be sold about 10 years hense and an equal division made between said children.  If it should be equally divided between all of my children.  Also 16 1/2 acres of land I declare my executors will sell privately. 
Lastly:  I do hereby nominate and appoint Eli Savage and James M. Savage and Thomas Savage my executors.  
In witness of I do to this will set my hand and seal this the 17 day of March, 1874.
Signed and acknowledged in our presence
Test  James L. Webster
O. Chandler
James Cook

From the personal research of : "Thomas Savage was born 1 Mar 1819 and died 28 Jul 1874 and is buried in the Savage Cemetery, Robertson Co., TN.  Md Nancy Wilks Baggett on 8 Jan 1840 in Robertson Co., TN."

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