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Rutherford Co., TN Wills

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TSLA, Cannon County, Tennessee, Will Book A, pages 51-52, 5 May 1848

James R. Tolbert, Last Will and Testament

State of Tennnessee, Cannon County, May 5th, 1848
James R. Tolbert being in a low state of health but considered in his right
mind wishes to appoint his wife Lavina Tolbert his Executrix to dispose of
his estate in the following manner to wit: It is my will that my wife
Lavina keep the land with all the perishable property, household and
kitchen furniture with farming utensils during her natural life, with the
cash already on hands and also all monies due to me the said James R.
Tolbert. It is my will that my son Silas T. Tolbert shall have ten dollars
and also my second son Leroy G. Tolbert have ten dollars, also John F.
Tolbert have ten dollars. It is also my will that my daughter America
Arnold have ten dollars at the expiration of two years. It is also my will
at the death of my wife Lavina that an equal dividend of all the Effects in
her hands amongst my children.
James R. Tolbert <signed>
Test: C. Curlee, James M. Roberts

State of Tennessee, Cannon County } August term of said county Court A.D.
1848. Then personally appeared in open court Calvin Curlee and James M.
Roberts Subscribing witnesses to the within paper writing purporting to be
the Last Will and Testament of James R. Tolbert deceased who being first
sworn depose and say that they were acquainted with the said James R.
Tolbert the Testator in his life and that he acknowledged the same in their
presence to be his Last Will and Testament on the day it bears date.
Witness Regin Fowler Clerk of our Said County Court at office this first
Monday and 1st day of August A.D. 1848.
R. Fowler, Clerk <signed>
Registered at office in Woodbury August the 15th 1848, R. Fowler, Clerk

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