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Death Certificate for Tommie Mae CLAUDY

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Following is a transcription of the above person's (TN) death certificate:

Name: Tommie Mae CLAUDY
Date of Death: 12-27-1950
Race: C.     Sex: F     Marital Status: Single
Date of Birth: 10-23-1933
Age at Last Birthday : 17 years
Place of Death: County: Davidson, Civil Dist.: 13, City or Town: Rural
   Length of Stay in This Place: 2 Mos.,
   Name of Hospital or Institution: Dav. Co. Tbc. Hospt.
Usual Residence: State: Tenn., County: Davidson, Civil Dist.: 1
   City or Town: Nashville, Street Address: 1908 Haiman St.
Usual Occupation: School Girl
Armed Forces?: no
Birthplace: Nashville, Tenn.
Citizen of What Country?: U. S. A.
Father's Name: Andrew CLAUDY
Mother's Maiden Name: Mattie E. BRACEY
Informant: Pearl BRACEY, 1908 Haiman St.
Cause of Death: Cardiac Hypertrophy due to Tuberculous pericarditis with
   Due to: Cardiac decompensation, and renal insufficiency
   Interval Between Onset and Death: 3 Mos.
   Due to: Pulmonary tuberculosis acute
   Interval Betwee Onset and Death: about 4 or 5 Mo.
Signed by: R. R. Crowly?, M. D.     Address: Davidson County Tbc. Hospt.
   Date: 12-27-1950
Burial, Cremation, Removal: Burial     Date of Burial: 12-29-1950
Name of Cemetery: Mt. Ararat     Location: Nashville, Tenn.
Funeral Director: Protective Funeral Service     Address: ?00 Jefferson
Reg. Dist. No.: 191     Date Signed by Local Reg.: 01-10-1951
   Registrar: Jno. J. (illegible)

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