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Hickman County News
Centreville, Hickman Co., Tenn.
Thurs. Nov. 13, 1924

Climax of Woman's Battle for Happiness

Wife of Tommie TRUETT Wins His Freedom; Will Death Claim a Victory After Years of Toil

     The indomitable fighting spirit of a frail young wife, fighting in defense of her husband's life and liberty, his name and place in society; then later a grim fight against death in an effort to combat an attack of tuberculosis the young husband suffered while in prison, is expected to prove victorious in the climax of a full pardon by state authorities received on Monday, the removal of the victim to Edwards Infirmary here, and a surgical operation performed at that institution late yesterday afternoon.
     Tommie TRUETT, 30 years of age and formerly a respected citizen of Haley's Creek, this county, was arrested at his later home in Nashville, the latter part of January, 1922, charged with being implicated in the death of James HAY, farmer and citizen of Linton, Tenn.  Three other Nashville men were arrested at the time, John CRADDOCK, 17, having confessed to firing the fatal shot, according to reports at the time.   Other occupants of the death car were Leroy THOMAS, Sam REED and TRUETT.  All were sentenced to life terms in the state penitentiary, after confinement in the Williamson County jail and a subsequent trial in Franklin.
     Firmly believing in her husband's innocence, Mrs. TRUETT came here for aid in proving her claim.  With the assistance of friends and relatives in this county, she went to Franklin where she secured employment, having the companionship of her only child, Master Sam TRUETT who is now nine years of age.  Working, saving and planning for the vindication of the accused husband and father, the valiant little woman was rewarded by a full pardon by Governor Austin Peay and the possession of the wasted form of the young husband.  At his request, they came here, the former home county, for treatment which is expected to result in a complete recovery and many years of happiness.
     Mrs. TRUETT is an adopted daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. G. BROWN of route 2, and is an orphaned niece of Mrs. BROWN.  She was formerly Miss Della JONES, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Henry JONES who died while she was very young, practically all her life having been lived in the home of her adoption.  In a statement to a News representative, she expressed only gratitude for the assistance of friends; for the opportunity of caring for her manly young son in the Tennessee Baptist Orphan's home near Franklin while she worked and waited; for the pardon and vindication of her husband while there is yet a fighting chance for his life.
     And Tommie TRUETT will live; the doctors have said so.  But if death comes, he will live in the heart of a brave little woman who knew not defeat.

Hickman County News
Centreville, Hickman Co., Tenn.
Thurs. Nov. 20, 1924

Tommie TRUETT Will Recover at Old Home

     Tommie TRUETT, recently pardoned from the state penitentiary by Governor Austin Peay and who underwent a surgical operation at Edwards Infirmary as reported last week, has been removed from the above institution to his former home on Haley's Creek where he is expected to recover after several months of illness with a form of tuberculosis.  The operation is said to have been for the removal of an accumulation of fluid from the lungs, the result of an attack of typhoid fever which later developed tuberculosis.
     The patient is a former Hickman Countian who was convicted on a charge of complicity in the murder of James HAY at his home in Linton, Tenn., early in 1922.  With three companions he was sentenced to a life term in the penitentiary, having served less than three years of the term when the pardon was issued after a persistent fight thruout the period by his young wife, formerly Miss Della JONES and also of Haley's Creek.  Accompanied by the latter, the patient was brought here for treatment although small hopes were held for a recovery.  A late report, however, indicates the patient well on the way to a complete recovery.



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