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            The book is hardbound with library grade binding and contains 1051 pages with approximately 19,000 fully indexed names of the interred located in approximately 500 cemeteries.  All known Jackson County Death Certificates 1914 - 1935 are accounted for and differences listed at the interred’s  name.  Many nicknames along with the gleaned genealogical parents of the interred and full names and dates not on the marker are included.  Check or Money order only no cash.  It is anticipated that the books  will be delivered in early May 2004. 


Each book is $120.99. Which includes $10.24 sales tax (Tenn. Residents only @ 9.75% ) and $5.75 postage for all in state sales. (Mailed copies only).


For all out of state sales each book is $110.75 per book.


Enclosed is my check or money order in the amount of  ________ for _______ book(s), which includes $10.24  sales tax per book (Tenn. residents only ), and $5.00 postage.  Please mail my book(s) to me.

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Enclosed is my check or money order in the amount of _______ for my ______ book(s)  which includes $10.24 sales tax per book. The above is $115.24 for each book picked up.

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Order from: Larry E. Mabry

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