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A Tribute to a child............



...the little infant who came early because grandma Birtie had such a fright.
Gramma was crossing a fence with the long dress and all and being
large with child, and almost stepped on a huge rattlesnake!! It
struck and hung in the bib to her apron which was pinned to her dress.
It hung there until she tore it lose with her hand! She then ran home
and lost the baby.  She was indeed, strong pioneer stock. A strong,
gentle, kind, wisp of a woman with black flowing hair, her hair,
always twisted into a knot on her neck. How very strange...we ALWAYS
included the small babe in any counting of children... "And grandma
Birtie and Grandpa Burr had six children and the first one, a boy, did
not live a day.....he is buried at Hanging Limb by Grandpa Johnny

Judith Lee Wade Chase Anderson

Samuel Burrus WILLETT



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