April 5, 1956


This Article Appeared In The Times

But Was Not Actually Titled Calís Column


Transcribed by Janette West Grimes


Faulkner Writes



311 Bryan Street,

Hopkinsville, Ky.


Elder Calvin Gregory,


Dear Sir:


†† I just wanted to say thanks for being so generous in sending me the Times. I am mailing a little remembrance for your kindness, along with an Easter greeting card. I do like your paper.


†† I have had the pleasure of meeting Winnie Smith and wife, at Nashville; his sister, Mrs. Gregory, and her son, R. W. Gregory. I also met Benton Wilmore, of Nashville; and others whose names and addresses I have forgotten.


†† Thanks again for everything. If I ever have a chance to get to Lafayette, I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you.


As ever,

†† H. G. Faulkner.


†† [Editor's note. The above letter is from a grandson of Robert Smith, a native of this State, who removed to West Kentucky many years ago. We appreciate very highly the letter. The ones he has recently met were relatives of his. Winnie Smith is the son of the late W. H. H. Smith, familiarly known as "Tip" Smith, whose widow died only a few weeks ago. Robert A. Smith, grandfather of Mr. Faulkner, was two years older than "Tip," who was born in 1841. We would judge that Robert's full name was Robert Allen Smith, his father having been Allen Smith, who died between 1840 and 1850 and left his wife, Mrs. Mary Smith, the former Miss Mary Wilburn, known as Polly Ann Wilburn, a widow. Living next doot to Mrs Mary Smith, in 1850, was her son, Thomas M. Smith, born in 1827, and living in 1850 with his young wife, the former Miss Sallie Ann Beasley who was only 17 then. She was the daughter of Braddock Beasley, and was a sister of Calvin Beasley who married the editor's great-aunt, Miss Susan Gregory, commonly known as "Sookie" Beasley after her marriage.


†† Allen Smith was perhaps less than 50 years old when he died. Whose son he was we do not know, although he has a grandson, Allen Smith, still living in the Westmoreland section and who is now near 90 years of age. He is the son of "Tip" Smith and was named for his grandfather. We do not know who the father of the older Allen Smith was. Allen's wife was an aunt of the late Charlie Wilburn, who formerly lived on Dry Fork, this county, not far below Beech Bottom. Charlie's father was Evans Wilburn, the son of Thomas Presley Wilburn, a pioneer settler of the South side of the present Macon County, then Smith County.


†† In the family of Mrs. Mary Smith in 1850 there were the following members: Mrs. Smith, herself, who was then 43 years of age; her son, John H. Smith, then 18; her son, Robert A. Smith then 14; her daughter, Mary E. Smith, then 11; her son, W. H. H. ["Tip"] Smith, then nine; and her son, Daniel L. Smith, the baby of the family and six years old. Living next door to Mrs. Smith were her oldest son, Thomas M. Smith, then 23 years old; and his wife, Sallie Beasley Smith. The last-named couple became the parents of : Braddock, Johnnie, Rainey and Robert Smith, and a number of daughters.


†† We have no record of John H. Smith, as to what became of him, nor of his sister, Mary E. Smith, nor of his youngest brother, Daniel L. Smith. If any of our readers can supply us with any additional information about these three, please feel free to write us at once. Thanks for your help and co-operation. We would also be glad to have any information as to what relation this Smith family was to the family of Luther Smith, a Baptist minister of the Pleasant Shade section in other years.