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The Pepple - Rees Families

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Box 55

Venedocia, Ohio

July 26, 1954


Cal's Column


Lafayette, Tenn.


My Dear Editor:


†† A friend once said: "Genealogy either sets you on fire, or leaves you cold." Although some people may not appreciate your contribution to posterity, those who have searched long and hard will bless your name.


†† An acquaintance sent me a copy containing your Column. Have you ever published any PEPPLE-PEPPEL data? In my effort of seven years of continuous searching to find some trace of my great great grandfather, Thomas Pepple, born about 1785 and, according to family traditions "killed by Indians, going to or coming from Virginia in 1818." I have become national historian for all Pepple-Peppel branches.


†† Thomas Pepple-Peppel married "Polly" Mary Chew, daughter of Coleby and Rebecca Rees Chew of near Winchester, Virginia. Mary was a granddaughter of Major James Chew and Mary (Caldwell) Chew.


†† Thomas was probably a son of one of the five 1790 Taneytown, Maryland Pepples. He and Mary married before 1810. ( I will pay the first person sending marriage record.), and then had (at least): John William Pepple born 1810; Morris Rees Pepple born 1815; Coleby Pepple, Rebecca Pepple born 1818. Polly remarried, perhaps even before the last Pepple child, Emily, was born, to Andrew Davis (d) sson ( I will pay the first person sending marriage record.)


†† Since Polly's maternal aunts, the Rees's, came up through Tennessee, I am hoping some Pepple records are there. I am enclosing a dollar to pay for any postage, etc.

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Hopefully,

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Mrs. Beryl Pepple

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Monroe


P. S. I have my Chew line completed. Major James was a brother of the 1st Colby Chew, who was with Dr. [Thomas] Walker when they discovered Cumberland Gap. How could Thomas Pepple marry into such a prominent family and stay so completely lost?


Editorís reply: I am publishing the above letter in full in the hope that some reader of the Times can furnish some ingormation to Mrs. Monroe. I am sending her the paper for four months for the dollar she sent me for postage, as I make no charge for research work postage.


†† In looking over my old records, I find not a single member of the Pepple family. I fing the following concerning the Pepples family: Mattie E.M. Batey, born July 23, 1873; married to I. R. Pebbles, April 12, 1899. Children born: Wm. B. Peebles, born Feb. 10, 1901; Sarah A. Peebles, born Sept. 13, 1902, died Dec. 3, 1902; Melvin Peebles, born Dec. 13, 1903; Jennie M. Peebles, born Sept. 30, 1905; Mollie W. Peebles, born Jan. 5, 1907; Precious Tabbie Peebles, born Nov. 30, 1909; Isham R. Peebles, born Nov. 25, 1913.


†† Wm. W. Hart married Laura Peebles. No date given.


†† Paul DeWitt married Jennie Harrison Peebles Nov. 18, 1909. No place or location given.


†† Wm. Hill, son of Rev. Green Hill was born Jan. 24, 1792, and married Nancy Peebles. Their son, Richard Hill, was a Methodist minister and formerly belonged to the Memphis Conference.


†† Nancy Evelyn Batey, born Apr. 12, 1861, married David Mitchell Peebles.


†† Matthew Taylor married Rachel Peeples.


†† J. H. Peebles born June 1, 1868, died July 9, 1918 and is buried in the Harding lot of the Spring Hill Cemetery near Nashville, Tennessee.


†† In the old Municipal Cemetery at Franklin, Tenn. are buried: Peebles infant and Mary C. Peebles.


†† The following is from J. H. Peebles in 1909: "Sacred to the memory of Israel P. Davis of Waxhaw, Mecklemburg County, North Carolina, who on returning home from visiting the western district of Tennessee, departed this life Nov. 5, 1826; age 45 years." The above is a copy of the inscription on one of the early tombs in the Matthews Cemetery, near Columbia, Tenn., near the present home of T. H. Neeley. This was originally the home of Esq. John Matthews who gave the cemetery grounds and whose descendants have composed some of the best citizenship of Maury County.


†† "The traveling companion of Mr. Davis was my father Richard Pebbles, of Mecklenburg County, N. C. The two friends had traveled through the mountains of Western North Carolina and West Tennessee as far as the Chickasaw Bluffs, the site of the present city of Memphis. On their return home, they stopped on a Saturday night at the home of their mutual friend and former neighbor, John Matthews, to rest, and to resume their journey on Monday morning.


†† Here, far from home and family, Mr. Davis was taken seriously ill; and, after some days in spite of the tender care of friends, tried and true, he died and his remains were laid to rest in the cemetery nearby, there to rest until the resurrection. With feelings of sadness and lonliness that can easily be imagined, but cannot be expressed, my father resumed the homeward journey alone, taking with him the horse and saddle and saddle-bags and other valuables of his deceased friend to break the sad news to his family.


†† Some years afterwards the family removed to Maury County, Tenn. and settled near Bigbyville, became identified with the Associate Reformed Church at Hopewell, filling useful and honored placed in church and state. Among these many will remember the late James Davis, whose home was the present farm of Jonas T. Amis. He was long a ruling elder in Hopewell church, and a highly esteemed citizen of the county. He, with his two wives and several sons and daughters, lie in God's Acre near the spot where his father, Israel Davis, was laid 83 years ago. Quite a number of other relatives and descendants sleep near his grave.


†† "Oftimes in my boyhood days here, I hear my father tell of the incidents of that trip, of the sickness and death and burial of his traveling companion, Mr. Israel Davis and of his sad and lonely journey homeward, all of which occurred eight years before my birth and 83 years ago. November 1909. John Peebles." This account of the Matthews Cemetery was furnished by Mrs. Oscar Noel and copy of record was made by Mrs. J. F. Draughon, members of Cumberland Chapter, D. A. R., Nashville, Tenn.


†† Now we do not know that the names Pepple or Peebles were once one and the same, and we may have no information on the above that will help Mrs. Monroe, but we give the above in the hope that some information may be helpful.


†† On the Rees family, we have next to nothing. However, if the family is the same as the Reese and Reece family, we have a lot of information. We give now what we have on the Rees family. On Dec. 23, 1852, in Richmond, Va., Rev. R. B. C. Howell, a Baptist Minister, performed the marriage of Austin Gibbons and Miss Mary Rees. The same minister performed the marriage of David Rees and Miss Virginia Chilton in Nashville, Tenn. on Oct 28, 1859. Henry Hart Cartwright and America Forester Rees were married on Dec. 8, 1915 at eight P. M. in the Presbyterian Church, Winchester, Ky. by the pastor, Rev. Cummins. Thus our record of the Rees family, with that particular spelling ends. We wish we had more, but this is all we have.


In 1775, according to the Ramsey's Annals of Tennessee, David Reece signed the Mecklenburg Resolutions, declaring the indipendence of our American people. Other signers were: Hezekah Alexander, Adam Alexander, Charles Alexander, Ezra Alexander, Waightstill Avery, Ephraim Brevard, Hezekiah Jones Balch, Richard Barry, Henry Downs, John Davidson, William Davidson, John Flenniken, John Ford, William Graham, James Harris, Richard Harris, Senr., Robert Irwin, William Kennon, Neill Morrison, Matthew McClure, Samuel Martin, John Phifer, Ezekiel Polk, Benjamin Patton, Duncan Ocheltree, John Queary, William Wilson, and Zaccheus Wilson, Sr.


†† James Reese voted for the information of the State of Franklin in 1784, according to Ramsey's Annals of Tennessee, page 288. This James Reese was from Greene County in East Tennessee. This same James Reese was a member of the Legislature of the new state of Franklin. He was considered a great patriot in his day and time, a man of piety, ability and the highest character. He was admitted to the Knox County, Tenn. Court on June 16, 1792. When and where he died, we do not know.


†† William B. Reese was another early prominent Tennessean. In the 1850's, he was president of the East Tennessee Historical and Antiquarian.


†† The only Reese living in Smith Co., Tenn. in the 1820 census was Jeremiah. He had two males under ten, two from 10 to 16 years old, one male from 18 to 26, and himself, above 45 years old. Females were: One from 10 to 16, three from 16 to 26, and his wife, above 45. He owned at that time, one slave.


†† In the census for Smith County for 1830, I find one William B. Reese, living, we would judge from his neighbors, on Dixon's Creek, not far from Dixon Springs, Tenn. His neighbors were Cyrus W. Brevard, Herod Hargis, Coleby Stapp, James Parker, Thomas Wilburn, William Payne, Jeremiah Gammon, James D. Hammock and Robert Wilburn. He had in his family in that year, 124 years ago: One male from 10 to 15, one from 15 to 20, and one from 40 to 50, himself, no doubt. His females were: One female from 15 to 20, one from 20 to 30, and one from 40 to 50, Mrs. Reese, we presume.


†† In the Smith County census for 1850, we find the following heads of Reece families: Hubbard W. Reece, John Reece, Randolph Reece, Tilman Reece, James T. Reece, Josiah Reece, Williamson Reece, and Wm. Reece.


†† Judging from the neighbors of these various Reece families, we would say that all of them except Wm. Reece were living 104 years ago on the present Defeated Creek. Wm. is referred to above as probably living on Dixon's Creek, and the census of 1850 confirms us in that view.


†† Josiah Reece in 1850 was 42 years of age and was born in N. Carolina. His wife was Elizabeth P. Reece, aged 33 years. Their children were: William H., ten; Martha J., 8; John O., 7; Miles, 5; David C. L., 3.


†† Hubbard W. Reece was born in Tennessee in 1817. His wife was Matilda, born in 1824; in Tenn. Their children: Mary J., 7; John M., 5; Amanda E., 2; and Elizabeth, eight months old.


†† John Reece was born in North Carolina in 1767. In his family were: Tempy, 35; Wade H., 13; Leroy, 10; Wm. R., 8; Caleb, 12; Emily J., 5; and Tabby, 1.


†† Randolph Reece was born in North Carolina in 1804. His wife, Mary, was born in Tenn. in 1815. Their children were: Henry, 11; Sarah J., 8; Eliza M., 4; Rhoda Harper, 18; and Emeline, 16. All the children were born in Tennessee.


†† John Reece was born in North Carolina in 1803. His wife, Sally, was born in the same state ten years later. Their children were: William, 16; Elias S., 14; Lurana, 12; Abraham, 9; Luther, 8; Rough and Ready, two months old. This is exactly as the census records of 1850 for Smith County, Tenn. have the name of the youngest child of John and Sally Reece.


†† Tilman Reece, born in North Carolina in 1798; wife, Sallie Reece, born in North Carolina in 1800. Children: Lavinia, 21; Martha, 18; Elizabeth, 13; Jerry, 11; Andrew Reece, 8; and Parthenia, 7.


†† Martha Reece, born in North Carolina, in 1764. Living in her home were the following: Tempy Hewitt, born in North Carolina, in 1797; Elias Reece, born in N. Carolina, 1815; Jane Reece, 39, born in Tennessee. Judy Reece, born in Tenn. in 1831; Moses Givens, born in Tenn. in 1832; Champion Dial, 7; and James Dial, 5.


†† James T. Reece, born in N. Carolina in 1814. Wife, Elizabeth born in Tenn. in 1820; and their child, Bransford Reece, aged four years. In the same family lived Wesley Searcy, 22, and born in Tennessee and Barbara Searcy, two years younger.


†† Williamson Reece was born in North Carolina in 1803. His wife, Mary was born in North Carolina in 1812. Children: John, 17; Merlin, 14; Jefferson, 11; Penelope, 10; Ozias, 7; Paul, 5; and Manda, 14.


†† The last Reece I find in the census records of Smith County for 1850 was William Reece, bur we doubt if he was related to the North Carolina group which has just been given. Wm. Reece was born in Virginia in 1820. His wife, Celia, was born in Tennessee in 1819. Their children: Eliza, 9; Tabitha, 8; William A. Reece, 7; Samuel, 5; Byrd, 3; and Richard, one year old.


†† Now I do not know that the name Reese or Reece is the family alluded to in the heading of this article. Mrs. Monroe can let us know if the names are the same. If they are, we have much additional information as to the family under the spelling Reece or Reese.




This Article Appeared In The Times

But Was Not Actually In Calís Column



†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ________


Rev. Calvin Gregory

Macon County

Lafayette, Tennessee


Dear Rev. Gregory:


†† First, may we send you a belated, but Sincere Hearty Congratulations on your birthday which, we noted in our last issue of your interesting paper, was on July 8th? We note that we have but one and one half more years on this "terrestrial ball" as we will be 65 on November 12th. It really doesn's seem so long, can well remember when I thought that 40 was getting old and that everyone who was 60 was really an old timer. In spite of several heart attacks, and forced retirement in April 1947, I still don't think of myself as too old a man.


†† Also noted that you had received a nice letter from your brother. What a blessing to have a member of your family still alive. At 37, I was the last of my immediate family. It is almost hard not to envy those who have some of their family still around. How fortunate you are. Again, Congratulations.


†† There was one item that we mentioned in our above letter in which we are still interested, the book, ROSSIANNA. We have been told that this book has some data on our Reed ancestors that we are lacking, and would like so much to get. Here is the data on the book: ROSSIANA: Written and published by Major Harmon Pumpelly Read. Printed by the Argus Company of Albany, New York in 1908. 300 copies were printed and it shouldn't be too hard to find back in the middle west and east.


†† Rev. Gregory, we were wondering if you have seen, or have access to, ROSSIANA. We would like to borrow it and would be glad to put up a normal deposit to guarantee its return. Or, if it has data on my John Reed born April 6, 1764 in or near Philadelphia, we would be glad to purchase a copy at a fair price.


†† We thank you for any suggestions or help in finding this ROSSIANA.


†††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††Very sincerely,

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† T. Howard Groves


†† [ Editor's note. We thank Mr. Groves for his nice letter. We appreciate his good wishes on our attaining our 63rd milestone in life. As to the book, we have never seen it. We will keep an eye open for it. As to his John Reed, we may be able to find something soon. If so, we shall be glad to pass it along to Prof. Groves. Thanks again for the nice letter.]



This Article Appeared In The Times

But Was Not Actually In Calís Column




††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††Ringgold, Ga.,

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† August 2, 1954


Elder Calvin Gregory,


Dear Sir:


†† I notice my paper is out, and, as I can't read much, I will ask you to cancel it. I read all of it and have enjoyed it more than any other paper, as Cousin Alex Jenkins sent me the history of the Hargis family. From the paper I have learned all my kinfolks, mostly distant cousins.


†† My mother was Vesta Hargis, daughter of Washington Hargis. I had a letter from Felix not long ago. He is the only living uncle I have. I am 73 years old. Wishing you and yours the best of everything, I will close.

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Bertha Jones


†† [ Editor's note. We are sorry to lose Mrs. Jones from our list of subscribers; but, as she is not able to see to read very much, we give her up. We hope that she may write to us again. Felix Hargis is the uncle to whom she referred.]