December 12, 1957


Transcribed by Mary Knight


Genealogists Invited To Write

Family History In Cal's Column


        Readers of the Times interested in genealogy are invited to participate in a forum to be published periodically in the newspaper under the heading of "Cal's Column."


        During the past decade, Elder Calvin Gregory, late publisher of the Times built up a large readership among persons interested in the study of family history through his writings in "Cal's Column."


        We feel that these genealogists might desire to use this newspaper to correspond with each other in furthering their studies on particular family lines, this the reason for our decision to continue this popular feature.


        Persons wishing to present question concerning family lines are asked to submit carefully edited, typewritten copy.  We must ask that the answers to questions presented also be typewritten and corrected for any misspelling of names.  Original material that any genealogist feels might be of interest to persons in this area is also acceptable.


        Mail your material to:  

         Cal's Column,

        c/o Macon County Times

        Lafayette, Tenn.


        Whenever material is submitted, we'll print it and will continue to publish this material so long as interest in the feature warrants.