Transcribed by Timothy R. Meador, Jr.


This Article Appeared In The Times

But Was Not Actually Titled Cal’s Column


December 13, 1951




December 10, 1951

Rev. Calvin Gregory,

Editor, Macon County Times,

Lafayette, Tennessee


Dear Sir:


You may recall that while in search of information relative to the Joshua Draper family, I visited your office March, 1948. Great-grandfather Joshua, a blacksmith and soldier of the War of 1812, had removed his family from Gallatin, in Sumner County, to “Hardscratch Hill,” about three miles west of Meadorville in Macon County, some years after the war. Here he and his wife reared a large family of children.


        I am prompted to write the above by having read your article, entitled “Some Old Papers,” in the Times of December 6th in which the name of Elijah Adams, whose identity you did not know, was mentioned.


        One Elijah Adams of Macon County, and perhaps the same person, married Brunetta Draper, born October 30, 1822, and daughter of the above Joshua Draper and wife, Nancy (Lane) Draper. A son, William G. Adams, later became a resident of Gallatin County, Illinois. Elijah Adams has a brother, Thomas, who married Lucy Ann, a sister, of Brunetta. Thus two brothers married sisters. Two surviving children of the latter marriage are Andrew Adams, proprietor of a country store one mile south of Westmoreland, Tennessee; and Thomas J. Adams, youngest of the family, who now resides with his daughter, Mrs. Nova Brown, 1213 East Iowa Street, Evansville, Ind.


        If the above data helped to identify the unknown Elijah Adams or offers a working clue, the purpose of this letter will have been served. From time to time I find valuable information pertaining somehow to my forebears who once lived in Middle Tennessee as I read “Cal’s Column” in the Times. I enclose check for renewing my subscription.


                                                                    Very sincerely,

                                                                    N. W. Draper


(Editor’s note. We appreciate this information quite highly and we are of the opinion that the Elijah Adams mentioned in the “Old Papers” was the same man referred to by our good friend, Mr. Draper. We are on the track of additional information relative to the Adams family, and will try to publish it an early date. In the meantime, we would like to request that Mr. Draper furnish the paper with any historical items he may have that concern our people. Thanks, friend Draper, for your nice words about the paper.)