December 13, 1956


This Article Appeared In The Times

But Was Not Actually Titled Calís Column


Transcribed by Janette West Grimes



Two Five-Generation Groups Are Pictured


†† In these two pictures are shown two groups of five generations, which we think, is rather unusual. In the top group are shown, from left to right, Buford Tuck born 65 years ago on Peyton's Creek. In his lap is his son, Raymond Tuck, then nine months old and now 43. Next is Buford's mother, Mrs. Bettie Tuck, who is now 86 years of age; next is Willie Kemp, now dead; and extreme right is "Uncle Wylie" Kemp, who died a number of years ago.


†† In the lower picture are five living generations, represented by Mrs. Betty Tuck; behind whom there stands her son, Buford Tuck, the second youngest in the upper group but here the second oldest; at Buford's left hand is Raymond Tuck, the nine-months'-old baby of the upper picture; in front of Raymond is his daughter, Mrs. Betty Jo Smith, 20 years old; and in her lap is the representatice of the fifth generation, four-months-old Vickie Ann Smith. Mrs. Kemp's mother was the former Miss Dal Gregory, the daughter of Joe Red Gregory, the son of Ambrose Gregory, who died in 1827, the son of Bry Gregory, who died in 1847, a soldier of the American Revolution, and the editor's great-great-grandfather. Bry was the son of Thomas Gregory, also a soldier in the Revolution.