Transcribed by Melody Carter


This Article Appeared In The Times

But Was Not Actually In Calís Column


December 18, 1952





†††† John Winkler settled on the farm now owned by J. B. Parks, of Route 3, Red Boiling Springs, some time prior to the Civil War.His second wife was Jane Crawford, of the Gamaliel Crawford family.She had one child by John Winkler, the baby dying in infancy.


†††† John Winkler and his third wife had three children, Mary, Emily and Cynthia Winkler.Emily married Anderson Carver, and became the mother of Alford, Ellie, and Mollie Carver.Later Anderson shot and killed his wife then himself.†† Alford Carver married Fleetie Driver and later Nettie Brandon.Ellie married Levi Parkes and left Tennessee.Mollie married Will Taylor.


†††† Cynthia married Howard Harlin and became the mother of:Cicero Harlin, married Emily Creek; Joe Harlin, married Susan Russell; Lola Mae, died as a small child; Maude Harlin, married first to Bedford York; and later a Whitehead and removed to Texas; Avery Harlin, married Addie Hiett; and Hallie Harlin, who went to Texas and married, but the husbandís name is not known to the writer.


†††† Jane Carver died about 1912 and is buried at Gamaliel.I do not know what became of Mary Carver.She most probably married and left Tennessee.It should have been stated above that Jane Winkler raised the three children of Emily Winkler Carver following the tragic deaths of their parents.Jane Winkler was a great aunt to the writerís father.