Transcribed by Janette West Grimes


December 20, 1956





                                                                                         La Harpe, Kansas

                                                                                         December 3, 1956

Macon County Times:

Lafayette, Tenn.


Dear Editor:


   Enclosed find my check for $2.50 for the renewal of my subscription. I enjoy the paper very much, more so now, since I am practically a shut-in. My general health is better, but I have to be very careful not to overdo myself on account of a bad heart. I had to spend some time in a hospital in 1955 on account of my heart. Then in August of this year I again entered the hospital for a serious major operation. Most of my folks did not expect me to come back, but I had the best surgeons in the country. And by the help of the prayers of the people of God, I made a wonderful recovery.


   I was 81 on Nov. 11th. I do all my home work except washing and ironing but do no outdoor work. We are having beautiful weather. So far there have been only two nights with heavy ice, but we need rain.


   I noticed in "Cal's Column" information about two of my great-grandfathers, Elder Daniel Smith my grandfather's father, William Martin Smith, my father having been Daniel Smith, register of deeds, who died in office in 1892; and my mother's grandfather, Elder Washington Glover. Mother was Mary Frances Huddleston Smith. I also noticed the name of Elder Levi A. Smithwick, who married my mother's cousin, Sydney Huddleston. When I was named, I was given the name of Burnettie for my mother's cousin, Burnettie Russell. I've lost all trace of mother's family, the Glovers and the Huddlestons. I would be very glad to receive any information concerning any of them.


   I noticed the account of the death of Haley Butler. His mother was mother's cousin. When I taught at Walnut Shade, I resided in the home of Cousin Sally with Byrd and Perlina.


   My permanent address is 408 South Main Street, LaHarpe, Kansas. I am always glad to get mail from Tennessee and the latchstring is always out.


                     Mrs. W. H. Driver, formerly

                     Miss Nettie Smith.


Editor's note.  We are glad to have this informative letter from a former Macon County teacher. We hope to have some Russell and Huddleston family records in an early edition of the Times. We invite Mrs. Driver to write again.