Transcribed by Dora L. Tomes


July 13, 1950




(Continued from previous week)


          Squire Bill, as he was called, was a brother of Bry Gregory, the editor’s great-great-grandfather.  Bry and Bill were both soldiers of the American Revolution as was their father, Thomas Gregory.  They enlisted in the Continental Army from Chatham County, North Carolina.  One of Bry’s sons, Ambrose Gregory, married Miss Jemima Willis, for whom the Mima Gregory hill at the extreme upper end of Peyton’s Creek is named.  Jemima Willis Gregory was the daughter of Vincent and Christine Crumb Willis.  Vincent was an older half-brother of John Willis, above referred to.  Christine Crumb was from North Carolina.


          Jack Andrews’ children were:  Jesse Andrews, married another Jemima Willis; John Andrews, married Patsy Willis, a sister of the Jemima just referred to; Drury Andrews, Jr. married Jane Cartwright; Andy Andrews, married Ann Cartwright, a sister of Jane; Henry Andrews, married Euphemia (Cis) Gregory, daughter of Joe Red Gregory, son of the Ambrose above mentioned; Tom Andrews married Susie Cothron: Curtis Andrews, married Victoria Cothron, a sister to Susie Cothron; Emmaline Andrews, married Tapley McDuffee: Susie Andrews, married Ruff Brown; Mary Andrews, married Charlie Coker; and Alie Andrews, married John Hargis.  Just how many of these sons and daughters were by the first wife is not known.


          Jesse Andrews and Jemima Willis Andrews were the parents of:  Elijah Andrews, married Vina Woods; Addiville Andrews, married James Woodmore; Tabitha Andrews, married James McClard and moved to Kentucky; and Absilla Andrews, married John Gomer a railroad man and removed to Texas.


          Next we will try to give the grandchildren of Jesse and Jemima Willis Andrews.  Their son, Elijah, and his wife, Vina Woods, were the parents of Bud Andrews, married a Hauskins; Aubrey Andrews, a Baptist minister of Sumner County, who married Maudie Hauskins; Willie Andrews married an Adcock; Maggie Andrews, married Ed Sanders; Jack Andrews married Etta Holman; Lona Andrews, married Joe Higdon; and Cis Andrews, who married Hiram Hudson.


          Addiville Andrews, daughter of Jesse and Jemima Andrews, married James Woodmore and was the mother of: Pierce, Willie, Belle, Arthur and Oakley Woodmore.


          Tabitha Andrews, daughter of Jesse and Jemima, married but we have no record of offspring.  The same is also true of Absillia, who married a Gomer.  (John Gomer)*


          John Andrews, son of Jack, married Patsy Willis, and became the father of one son, John Andrews, who married Fannie Robinson.


          Drury Andrews Jr., married Jane Cartwright and was the father of:  Frank Andrews, Martha, Emily, Susie, Lige, Alvis and Charlie, who died as a young  man and without issue.  Frank Andrews married Finie Gammon, and was the father of Leathie, married W. D. McDonald; Estelle, married a Dickens; Odell, married Ollie West; and Darrell Andrews.


          Martha Andrews, daughter of Drury, Jr., married George Patterson and became the mother of:  James, Eli, Pierce, John, Wash, Clarence, Maude, Dayton, Charlie and the twins Floyd and Lloyd Patterson.  Emily Andrews, daughter of Drury, Jr., married Lee Brown and became the mother of:  Herman and Lawson Brown.  Susie Andrews, daughter of Drury, Jr., married Moses Dickens and was the mother of Cammie and others.  Cammie married Billie Wilburn nearly 40 years ago.


     Tom Andrews, son of Jack married Susie Cothron, and was the father of:  Eli, married Nancy Russell; Idle, married Ellie Wood; Islar, married Joe Doss; Esther, married Wiseman Oliver; Tilda married H. Dillard; Andrew J., married Cammie Jones, Vangie, married Hewlet Glover; and Lizzie and Mitchell, of whom we have no record.


          Curtis Andrews, son of Jack, married Victoria Cothron, a sister of Susie, and became the father of:  Horace, married Mary Hargis; Allen married a Smalling and a Jones; Ransom, married a Grissom; Burford, married a Kemp and a Langford; Vassie, married Lurlie Kemp; Ora, married a Kemp; Bessie, twin to Ora, died in infancy and Hatton Andrews, who married a Robinson.


Transcriber Note:

 * John Gomer added by transcriber.