Transcribed by Rae Wayne


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But Was Not Actually In Calís Column


July 20, 1950





†††††† This article will perhaps finish our incomplete record of the Andrews family.Two previous installments have been given, the last of these closing out with the offspring of Curtis Andrews, who married Victoria Cothron.


†††††† Next in line is Emmaline Andrews, who married Tapley McDuffee, son of Neal and Thenie Gregory McDuffee.Emmaline was the mother of:Ansil McDuffee, married Evie Gregory; Nancy McDuffee, who married Peyton Gregory, a brother of Evie Gregory, the brother and sister being the children of Curtis Gregory, the son of Smith Gregory, the son of Thomas Gregory.Brina McDuffee, married Will Holman; and Sallie McDuffee, married Tom Holman, a brother of Will.At a later date we hope to give the offspring of Ansil McDuffee and other of the descendants of Emmaline Andrews and Tapley McDuffee.


†††††† Susie Andrews married Ruff Brown, and became the mother of:John and Joe Brown, the family going West many years ago and this being the only information now available concerning them or their offspring.


†††††† Alie Andrews, a sister of Susieís, married John Hargis and became the mother of:Buford, Walter and Ida Hargis.


†††††† William Andrews, a brother of Jack, often called John, and the son of the first Drury Andrews, was married first to a Miss Wilmore, name unknown.Later, he married Nancy Leath and last he married Nancy Jones.By the first wife he was the father of:Albert Andrews, married Margaret Shrum; Sim Andrews, who went to Illinois; Sarah Andrews, who married Tom Shrum, a brother of Margaret Shrum; and Cleary Andrews, who married a Grissom, a Mills, another Grissom womanand a Cox.William Andrews had by his second wife, Nancy Leath, two daughters, Mary and Catherine, the latter marrying a Garmon and going to Fountain Run, Ky.If Mary married, we have no record.William Andrews had by his last wife, Nancy Jones:Harrison Andrews, who married Susie Cothron; George Andrews, who married Adeline Gammon; and Jid Andrews, who went to Arkansas.


†††††† Albert Andrews and his wife, Margaret Shrum, were the parents of Bud, Rich and Julia Andrews.


†††††† Sarah Andrews and her husband, Tom Shrum, were the parents of Bill, Sim, Liaz, Harrison, Fannie and Minerva Shrum.


†††††† Cleary Andrews was the father of Bettie, Rilda and Fannie, the latter marrying a Glimer.


†††††† Harrison Andrews and his wife, Susie Cothron, were the parents of John Andrews, married Susie Wilburn; George, Eliza, Thula, Fannie, Ida, who married Elder I. N. Sloan; Dave, Loss and Joe Andrews.


†††††† There is another Andrews family in Robertson, Montgomery and Logan Counties. Three brothers, William, James, and Hart Andrews, make up the first of the family, of who we have any record.William Andrews was the father of:Ella, married John Culley; Emma, married H. White and J. A. Utley; Mary, married G. L. Stone; Joe, married Molly Blackburn; Alice, married Robert Stone, a brother of O. L. Stone; William D. (Bud), married Ella Lanier; James H., married Mary McMurtry; John, died at 14 years of age; Thomas H., married Nannie McMurtry, a sister of Mary.


†††††† Ella Andrews and John S. Culley were the parents of Effie, married W. C. Reynolds; Grace, married I. M. Covington; Nell, married H. W. Oden; Rhea, married C. J. Fisher; C. E., married Mary M. Biggs; Lockie, married S. G. Willis.


†††††† Emma was the mother of Elbert White, married a Livingston; and Arthur Utley, married Ora Brown.


†††††† Mary Andrews and G. L. Stone were the parents of Bertie, married Howard Stark; and Emma, married John Wilkerson.


†††††† Joe Andrews and Mollie Blackburn were the parents of Harvey, Ethel, Mary, James, Edna and Robert Andrews.


†††††† Alice Andrews and Robert Stone were the parents of Minnie, Bessie, Annie, Robert, George, Ola and Leon Stone.


†††††† William D. (Bud) Andrews and Ella Lanier were the parents of Patrick Andrews.


†††††† James Andrews and Mary McMurtry were the parents of Sadie, Pauline and James Andrews.


†††††† Thomas H. Andrews and his wife, Nannie McMurty, were the parents of Hilton and Marjorie Andrews.


†††††† The above records of the Andrews family are far from complete.We would welcome accurate, additional information and shall be glad to publish it from time to time.


†††††† We believe that our readers will appreciate knowing something of their line of descent and that every person ought to have pride enough in his or her ancestry to be able to trace the descent of the family back through at least three or four generations.