Transcribed by Rae Wayne


This Article Appeared In The Times

But Was Not Actually In Cal’s Column


March 4, 1948




               We have a request for an outline of the family history of the Sampsons.  The information we have is very incomplete, but perhaps it may help somebody.  The first member of the family, of whom we have any record is Francis Sampson, who lived and died in Virginia.  This is as far as we are told of his life.  One son of whom we have some knowledge was Stephen Sampson, born about 1790 in Virginia.  He married a Miss Simms, who died before her husband.  Stephen Sampson died in Smith County, Tennessee, on June 10, 1850, falling dead in his garden.  He was a small man, a member of Hogan’s Creek Baptist church, and had Elder E. B. Haynie to preach his funeral while he was living, so he could hear it.


               The children of Stephen Sampson were Coleman Sims Sampson, born in 1810, died in 1864; Stephen Sampson, James Wilburn Sampson, Johnson Sampson and Nancy Sampson.  Coleman Simms Sampson married Mary Skelton, who bore him the following children:  Stephen Duke Sampson, married Venie Andrews; James Wilburn Sampson, never married and died at Natchez, Miss., before the Civil War; Johnson Sampson, married a Waters and went to Texas; Dr. C. S. Sampson*(1), married a Harper*(2); Pate Sampson, married a Wilson. One child that died in infancy.


              We overlooked stating that Francis Sampson, had two other sons, but their names are unknown.  One of these was killed in action at the Battle of New Orleans, on Jan. 8, 1815.


               Stephen Duke Sampson and his wife, Venie Andrews, were the parents of Marion Sampson, who went to Kentucky; Stephen Sampson, Parrie Lee Sampson and one other whose name we do not have.

               Johnson Sampson and his wife, the former Miss Waters, were the parents of William, Belle, Oscar, Onsby and Mary Sampson.  It is presumed that they have descendants still living in Texas.  Pate Sampson and his wife, the former Miss Wilson, were the parents of Mollie and “Kidder” Sampson, and here our present knowledge of them ends.


               Dr. Coleman Simms Sampson, who married Mary Jane Harper, became the father of:  Madonna King, married a Denton; Mattie, married John Martin; Mary, married a Gore; Ellen, married a McKinney; Hershell, married a Hailey; Mildred, died in infancy; Lou Anna, married a Bass; Willard, also married a Gore; Walter, married a  Beasley; Virgil P., married a Kinslow; and C. S. Jr., also married a Kinslow.  This Dr. Sampson was one of our good friends in the years gone by.  He was a member of Plunkett’s Creek Baptist church, once represented Smith County in the Legislature and was for many years a leading citizen of that county. He died some years ago near Rock city.  Part of his children still survive.


               Stephen Sampson, the son of Stephen Sampson, married Miss Katharine Dawson.  They became the parents of the following:  Titus, married a Oakley and a Fisher; Dave, married a Wilkes; Tom, never married; Stephen, no information; James, married an Oakley; Mattie, married Elder Henry Smith, a Baptist minister; Johnnie, never married; Jane, married a Fisher; and Kate, married a Vance.  The father of these children lived for many years at Glasgow, Kentucky, and was related to former Governor Sampson of that State.


               Johnson Sampson, son of Stephen Sampson, and grandson of Francis Sampson, married a Snoddy.  Their children were:  Frank, Jeff, and George Sampson, and perhaps others.  The late Wade Sampson who died at Ebenezer some months ago, was the son of Jeff Sampson.


               Nancy Sampson, sister of Johnson and others, married William Dawson, a brother of Katherine Dawson, the wife of Stephen Sampson.  The Dawson children were:  Henry, James, William, Isaac, John, and Harriet.


               This is far from complete and any additional information sent to this paper will be published at a later date.


(1) Dr. Coleman Simms Sampson

(2) Mary Jane Harper