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†† A dinner in celebration of the 89th anniversary of the birth of Allen Smith took place Sunday at the Smith home in the Rocky Mound section, with about 30 persons attending. He is the father of: Seven sons, E. F. Smith, of Rocky Mound; J. Carse Smith, of Sycamore Valley, this county; Bratton Smith, of LaPorte, Ind.; Otha Smith, of near Westmoreland; Asa Smith, of Goodlettsville; Eddie Smith, also of Indiana; and Benton Smith, of Mt. Juliet, Wilson County, Tenn., and one daughter, Mrs. Thenie East, also of Rocky Mound.


†† A big dinner was enjoyed at the noon hour. The honoree is one of the oldest men in his section and is still in fair health.


†† He is the son of W. H. [Tip] Smith, who died in 1917 at his home on Peyton's Creek, near Ebenezer. He has 3 nephews Henry Smith, a missionary to Japan; Elder Levie Smith, of Lafayette; and Raymond Smith, of Nashville, who are Baptist ministers.


†† Elder Smith was born on the lower end of the Stone Branch of Peyton's Creek, not far north of Mt. Tabor. His father's father was Allen Smith, for whom the honoree was named. His mother was a Miss Bransford prior to her marriage to Tip Smith. Tip Smith's mother was a Miss Wilburn prior to her marriage to Allen Smith, who died about 115 years ago and left her a widow. Other members of the family included: The widow, commonly known as Polly Ann, whose real name was Mary; John H. Smith, born in 1832; Robert A. Smith, born in 1836; Mary E. Smith, born in 1839 and later married Watt Toney; William H. H. Smith, familiarly known as Tip Smith; and Daniel L. Smith, born in 1844. There was an older son, Thomas M. Smith, who married Miss Sallie Ann Beasley and became the father of Braddock, Rainey, Robert and John Smith.


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†† On Monday, Feb. 18th, Elder C. B. Massey came by the office on his way home from Bowling Green, where he reports two services and good attendance. We were glad to have one of the oldest Baptist ministers in Tennessee to pay us a visit. Brother Massey is now nearing his 90th birthday anniversary and is still able to preach with ease and freedom, although he is now nearly a hundred years old.


†† He informs us that his father, Lon or Leonidas Washington Massey, was born in 1839 and died in 1872, when his son was about five years old. Lon married Millie Jent, daughter of John and Sarah Roark Jent. Lon had a brother, Dick Massey, a brother, Columbus Massey, a sister, Nan, who married a Dycus; another sister, who married a Poteet. And perhaps there were some other members of the family. We do not have them "at our fingertips," at this time, but we shall be glad to publish their names if any reader can furnish them.


†† Lon Massey was the son of Pleasant Massey and his wife, the former Fannie Shaver, but Brother Massey cannot furnish us with the other members of the family. We would be glad to publish this additional information if some reader will furnish it.


†† Brother Massey is still able to drive his car and goes to his church at Bowling Green about four times each month. Write him a cheerful letter and let him know that he is not forgotten because he is growing old.