October 10, 1957


This Article Appeared In The Times

But Was Not Actually Titled Cal’s Column


Transcribed by Gary Jenkins


Jenkins Reunion



        A reunion of some of the members of the Jenkins family took place Sunday at the home of the late Frank Jenkins, about five miles east of Lafayette, on Long Fork Creek.  It was held largely in honor of Lon Jenkins of Lafayette; and Staley Jenkins , who resides in Akron, Ohio.  There is one daughter living, Mrs. Mary High of Old Hickory.  The dead sons of George W. Jenkins and his wife Margaret Jenkins, both of whom died some years ago were:  Frank, Wilson, Harve, Milford, Spurgeon, and Elder Walter Jenkins, the latter dying a few weeks ago.  The dead daughters include:  Mrs Laura Williams, wife of Than Williams; and Mrs Betty Butler, wife of Willie Butler.


        There were about 75 gathered together Sunday for the reunion.  Dinner was brought by those in attendance and was quite plentiful and much enjoyed by those attending.  Mrs. Jenkins in whose home the meeting was held, is in rather poor health.


        George Jenkins was the son of Nicholas Jenkins, who died many years ago.  His wife, the former Susan Boston, was the daughter of Christian Boston, who was one of the editor's great-great grandfathers.  Christian Boston was born in Germany, perhaps about the year 1750 and settled on Towtown Branch, some distance West of the present Pleasant Shade.  We have repeadedly sought to learn the name of his wife, but we have failed so far.  That she was reported to have been "Black Dutch, " we have been informed.  Descendants have said one thing others have given another.  George Boston was a brother of Susan, who married Nick Jenkins.  But we have not been able, so far, to learn whom George married.  Some say his wife was a Cope, others say her name was a Copas and still others say she was a Propse.  We wish we knew her name before her marriage.


        The Jenkins founder in this part was William Jenkins, who died in 1807.  He had so far as we have learned, four sons, Noah Jenkins, Roderick Jenkins, John Jenkins, and Jacob Jenkins.  We have not been able to learn how many daughters William Jenkins and his wife, Nancy Jenkins had.  The family came to Middle Tennessee more than 150 years ago, from Buncomb County, North Carolina. The family so we are informed, is of Welsh origin.  We read of their being called "Jonkins" six hundred years ago.  Some other time when we are not pressed for time as we are today, we hope to give some other information on the subject.



Transcriber's Note:  I am fortunate enough to be in possession of a picture of most of the members of the family of George Washington "Red" and Margaret Jenkins that were mentioned in this article. 



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