Transcribed by M. Carter


This Article Appeared In The Times

But Was Not Actually In Calís Column


OCTOBER 23, 1952





Route 3,

Red Boiling Springs,


Oct. 20, 1952


Brother Gregory:

†††† The other Massey you referred to as Pleasant Masseyís son was John Massey, who married Catherine Gammon.Their children were:Anroe, married Andy Ethridge; Mary, married Sam Poteet; Craton, married George Hix; Jennie, married Tom Huddleston; Temple, married Sherman Hance; and one son, named Columbus, commonly called Lum Massey, who married Ella Whitley.


†††† John Massey lived on my fatherís place for several years, 20 or more.He was a blacksmith and an ex-Union soldier in the Civil War.He died near Rose Hill in this county.I visited the man as long as he lived.After leaving the creek, he bought a little place on which he later died.I recall one incident.I saw his sweet potato vines only about a yard long.I thought it was poor chance for a crop out there in the Rose Hill section.After he dug his potatoes, he had a nice lot of the largest potatoes I ever saw.I remember that he left one, all winter, on his mantel over the fire which weighed seven pounds.I decided that he had a better potato farm than we did on the creek.I left home and went and waited on him for two weeks in his last days.



J. B. Hudson