Transcribed by Mary Knight


September 16, 1954




Hobart, Oklahoma,

   September 11, 1954


Macon County Times,

Lafayette, Tenn.


Dear Editor.


         Since I am a native of Macon County, and like to hear all about all the old timer, I thought I would write and insist that someone give more White Oak news.


         I am the youngest son of Abe and Katie Freeman and was born on White Oak Creek 89 years ago this coming November.  I married Matilda Tucker 69 years ago, Tuesday, September 14th.  I am the only one of my family left and Tilda has just one half-brother left, Jim Tucker, who still lives in Macon County. 


         I have lived to see many changes.  When I left Macon County 54 years ago there were 149 people that I can remember on White Oak, but only five of them are still living.  They are Tom Tucker, Jesse Knight, Betty Driver, Gip Deckard, who is 2 years older than I am; and Nick Cook.


         Some of these I have not seen but one time in 54 years, since we moved to the West.  I made a trip back here 18 years ago but Tilda has never been back.  I see Nick Cook when he visits his son, Clay Cook, who is in business here in Hobart.


         We have nine living children, 24 grandchildren and 28 great-grandchildren.  One daughter, Mrs. Catherine Bryan, and her husband live with us.  They are now in Everett, Washington on vacation and visiting our youngest daughter and her family.


         I farmed for several years after we moved to Oklahoma but retired and moved into town about 10 years ago.  I am still able to mow my yard and walk to town a time or two every day, and Tilda is able to help with the housework.


         We had fried chicken for our wedding dinner and plan to have more fried chicken Tuesday for our 69th wedding anniversary.  That is a long time to be together.


         I own property in Hobart and in Washita County, and am sure I will spend the rest of my days here; but, I would sure like to be on White Oak at "Roller" time again.


         We get lonesome for our old Macon County friends and would like to hear more about them and their families.  So, come on, all you folks, with the news and let those of us who often think of you hear all about you.


Very truly,


Joe S. Freeman