September 22, 1955


Transcribed by Janette West Grimes




   A Gregory home-coming took place Sunday, Sept. 11th at the old home of the late W. C. [Dock] Gregory, located on the headwaters of Dry Fork of Goose Creek, now occupied by his son, Gena Gregory. Eighty-six persons were present for the occasion, including Othar Gregory and son, Elder Arnett Gregory, of Gallatin; Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Gammon, and Mr. and Mrs. Clemons Gregory, all of Franklin, Ky., and Mr. and Mrs. Cager Gregory and daughter, and Mr. and Mrs. Fonce Gregory, all of Salmons, Ky. A fine dinner was enjoyed at the noon hour. The descendants of W. C. Gregory who met Sunday plan to meet on the second Sunday in September, 1956, in the same home.


   Dock Gregory, was the son of John Gregory, the son of Ambrose Gregory, the son of Bry Gregory, the son of Thomas Gregory, a soldier of the American Revolution, as were his two sons, Bry and William H. Gregory. Bry was the editor's great-great-grandfather.