Transcribed by Mary Knight


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But Was Not Actually In Calís Column


September 23, 1948


Downing Family


†††††††††††††† The oldest member of this family, of whom we have any record at this time, was Benjamin Downing, who is supposed to have married a Miss Gray.He was killed in a powder mill explosion in Grayson County, Kentucky, about 1800.His widow removed to a community about four miles south of the present Fountain Run, KY., locating on Barren River.


†††††††††††††† Three children were reported to have resulted from the marriage of Benjamin Downing and the Gray woman.Only one of their names is known.He was Benjamin Downing, married a Miss * Campbell.There were two daughters, names unknown.One of these married a man named Carpenter.The other married a Mr. Campbell, a brother of Benjamin's wife.


†††††††††††††† This second Benjamin Downing was born most probably in 1789, place unknown.He died in 1868.He married Miss Ibbie Campbell.Their children were as follows.James Downing, married a Ritter; D. E. Downing married a Howard; William R. Downing married name not known; Benjamin, the third of this name, born in 1826 and died in 1905, married Lucy A. Dunn; Sallie, married a Howser and went to Missouri; Ibbie, married a Bohela; Jane, married a McMurry; and Adeline married an Ellis.


†††††††††††††† James Downing, who marrieda Ritter, had one son of whom we have record.His name was W. H. Downing, a Hardshell or Primative Baptist minister.This minister married three times, but we have no record of who his wives were.


†††††††††††††† D. E. Downing, who married a Howard, was the father of the following: Cassie, married George Fraim; Belle married John Taylor; Misa, married a Johnson; Tom and William B., who married sisters, but their names are not known; John Mark, married a Dawsey; Chillie, married a Maxey; and Burt, of whom we have no further information.


†††††††††††††† William R. Downing, whose wife's name is not known, had the following children:James Downing, died in the Civil War; Witt Downing, married his cousin, a Miss McMurry; John Dowing married a Manion and a Franklin; and Willie E. Downing, who married a Stone and a Eubanks.


†††††††††††††† Benjamin Downing, the third of this name in direct line, was born as we have already set forth, in 1826 and died in 1905.He married Lucy Dunn.To this union were born the following: John M. Downing, married a Francis; J. H. Downing married a Johnson; Tom Ellen, married Sam Johnson; Benjamin, the fourth in direct line of descent to bear this name, was born on March 11, 1858.He married a Harrison and a Miller.The next born to Benjamin and the Dunn woman, was Maggis Belle, died in infancy.W. E.

(Ack) Downing, married a Duncan; George W. Downing married a Witt; Joseph D. Downing, married a Hughes; Aldredge D. Downing, married a Alexander; Sam C. Downing married a Duncan, a sister of Ack's wife; and another child that died in infancy, name unknown.



Transcribers notes:†† * Ibby Campbell