Transcribed by Pat Stubbs


February 5, 1953





     Last week we closed with the account of the death of James Oldham, son of William Oldham and his wife, the former Miss Massey.


     We start this week with another Oldham, Celia, who married Brice Piper.  By him she became the mother of Letha Piper, married Sandy Grant; George Piper, married Em Toney;  Polly Ann Piper, married Tom Smith; Celia Piper, married a Dismang or Disman;  Buck Piper, married a Winkler; and Frances Piper, married Tom Cothern.  Buck Piper was the father of our own D. Henry Piper.


     Willis Oldham, another son of George Oldham, married first to a Miss Beasley; and later to a Richards.  By the first wife, he became the father of Lou Tisha, spelled a long time ago Letitia, married Elijah Hackett; and Geo. Oldham, married Lillie Nash, and removed to Missouri.  By the second wife, he was the father of Tom Oldham, married Nancy, a sister of Lillie;  John Oldham, married Belle Gregory, his first cousin; and Arch Oldham, who married Harriet Smith.


     Letha, daughter of George Oldham and his wife, Cilia Sutherland Oldham, married James Gregory, son of "Big Tom" Gregory, son of Tom Gregory, son of Tom Gregory, who was our own great-great-great-grandfather and it should be added that he, James, was an uncle of our father on his (our father's) mother's side of the house.  Letha became the mother of: Gid Gregory, married a Dillehay; Susan, married a Nash; Jennie, married Tim Shoulders; Stokes, married a Smith; Belle, married her first cousin, John Gregory, as above given; Nora, married Billie Wilburn; Cora, married Albert Wilburn, a brother of Billie; Cis Gregory, married Ike Gregory, son of Milton Gregory, son of Little Bill, son of John Gregory, a brother of the Tom Gregory listed above as the writer's great-great-great-grandfather and from whom (John) we are descended, he being another of our great-great-great-grandfather, John Gregory, married a Shoulders; Morgan Gregory, married a Jenkins; Tom Gregory, married a Brooks; Martha Gregory, married Will A. Ballou, a great-uncle of the writer's on his mother's side; and Elizabeth Gregory, died in her young days.


     It should be added here that Geroge Oldham and his wife, the former Miss Lillie Nash, were the parents of two daughters, Margaret Oldham, who married Jesse Grissom; and Mary Ann Oldham, who married a Reece.  Tom Oldham and his wife, the former Miss Nancy Nash, were the parents of:

George Oldham, John Oldham, Tennie Oldham, and Emmie Oldham.  George Oldham married first, Ida Gregory, daughter of Ches Gregory, son of Tom Gregory, a half-brother of our own grandfather, Stephen Calvin Gregory, and later married a Towns, and last Violet.  John Oldham, married a Miss Smith; Tennie, married Spud Gregory, a brother of Ida; and Emmie Oldham, married Willie Cothron, of the Highland section of this county.


     John Oldham, son of Willis Oldham and his wife, Belle Gregory, were the parents of Albert, Walter, Robert, Ida, Annie and Becky Oldham.  Arch Oldham, a brother of the John just mentioned and his wife, Harriet Smith, were the parents of: Bige, Lou, Betty, Esther and Sallie Oldham.


     James Oldham, a son of the first George Oldham and his wife, Celia Sutherland Oldham, married Mary Perkins and became the father of: Celia Oldham, no further record; Mary Ann Oldham, married Cobb Russell; George Oldham, married a Dellehay and later a Williams; James Oldham, married a Sloan; W. Temp Oldham, married a Goad; Timothy, commonly called Duff Oldham, married a Shoemaker; David Oldham, became a doctor, married an Alloway and later a Hawkins; and Sallie, married John Oldham, above set forth as the son of Tom Oldham, and who was married twice, his second wife having been a Miss Smith, as above given.  This John Oldham was frequently called "Whistling John" Oldham.


     We do not have any record of the children of Mary Ann Oldham and her husband, Cobb Russell, but we believe that there were two sons, Louis and Allen Russell, born to them.


     George Oldham, who married first a Dillehay and later a Williams, died without issue.


     James Oldham, and his wife, Matilda Sloan, were the parents of:  Mary, married Clinton Gregory, son of Wyatt Gregory, son of Joe Red Gregory, son of Ambrose Gregory, son of Bry Gregory, one of our great-great-grandfathers; Eva Oldham, married "Pup" Porter and later a Pond; Henry Calvert Oldham, who married Maggie Petty; and later married Darthulia Williams, a sister of the Miss Williams that his uncle, George Oldham, married; and Willie Oldham, married Mamie Taylor.  It should be stated here that Henry Oldham became a Baptist minister and served as pastor of numerous churches in the county.  He died a few years ago, and his widow, Darthulia, latter married Elder C. B. Massey.


     W. Temp Oldham was the father of Charlie Oldham, married Miss Ollie Gregory, daughter of Jimmie Gregory, son of Milton Gregory, son of Little Bill Gregory, son of the John Gregory, above mentioned as being the writer's great-great-great-grandfather; Charlie Oldham's sisters were: Gertie, married Burrell Gregory, son of Peyton Gregory, son of Curtis Gregory, son of Smith Gregory, son of Squire William H. Gregory, a brother of Bry; Florence Oldham, married Benton Gregory, son of Jesse Gregory, son of Curtis Gregory, above mentioned;  Ettie Oldham, married Clarence Gregory, son of Larkin Gregory, son of Will Gregory, a brother of Curtis; and Kittie Oldham, married Luther Gregory, son of William Joseph Gregory, a brother of the writer's father.  The reader will note that all the children of W. Temp Oldham and his wife, Pochahontas Goad, married Gregory's.


     Timothy Oldham and his wife were the parents of: Myrtle Oldham, married Homer Gregory, son of James Gregory, son of Billy Gregory, son of Tom Gregory, a half-brother of our own grandfather, Stephen Calvin Gregory, and which Tom Gregory married his third cousin, Sallie Gregory, our father's mother's sister;  Lizzie Oldham, married a Hesson; Allen Oldham, died  young; and Esther Oldham, married a Burrow.


     Dr. David Oldham was the father of two children, Haggard and Esther Oldham, the latter marrying

one of our Lafayette natives, Joe Faust.


     Jane, daughter of the first George Oldham, of this family, and his wife, Celia Sutherland, married Hughie McKinnis, son of Alex and Delanie Gregory McKinnis.  Delanie was the daughter of Bry Gregory, already mentioned a number of times in this article.  Hughie McKinnis and his wife, Jane Oldham, died without issue, so far as our record shows.  We are not quite sure, but we believe this woman, Jane McKinnis, to have been the same person with whom Stokes Gregory, already mentioned in this article as the son of James and Leathie Oldham Gregory was staying and working on the farm.  Stokes was a youth of quick words, talking very rapidly and also having a way of saying things that was quite unusual.  The story is that Stokes, a lad of perhaps 17, had been sent to the well by Mrs. McKinnis to draw a bucket of water.  The well rope broke and the bucket, full of water, dropped rapidly into the bottom of the well.  Mrs. McKinnis heard the noise and called out, "Stokes, where is that well bucket?"  His reply was, "If it is still going like it started, it is in hell by now!"


     Betsy Oldham, another daughter of George and Cilia, married George Payne, removed to Georgia, and became the mother of 16 children.  We are sorry that we don't have the names of these children.


     Adeline Oldham, another daughter of the same couple, married Levi Shoulders, son of Malachi and Polly Gregory Shoulders, Polly having been the daughter of Bry Gregory.  Our records shows two children born to them, Sam Shoulders and Celia Jane Shoulders.  After Adeline's death, her husband married a Greanead and became the father of a number of other children, one of who, was Lon Shoulders, father of the two well-known, Nashville physicians, Dr. H. H. Shoulders and Dr. H. S. Shoulders, who are third cousins of the writer of this column.  Celia Jane Shoulders married a Graham and later a Clark.


    The last of the children of George and Celia Sutherland Oldham, on our list, is George, whose name appears with those of his parents in the census of 1850, as set forth in the opening account of the Oldham family, as we have given it.  We have not given quite a lot of names of descendants of the  Oldhams, particularly of those of the present day and time.  We have no desire to slight anyone and we have omitted many names because they are easily ascertained and their "owners" are still "in circulation."  However, if anyone feels slighted in any way, let us know and we shall be glad to furnish you with a place in the record of the Oldham family.  We have not published the names of the many Gregorys who are connected with the Oldham family except that the reader may know from whom the Gregorys that married into the Oldham family were descended.