May 17, 1956


This Article Appeared In The Times

But Was Not Actually Titled Calís Column


Transcribed By Patt Stubbs


Donoho Information


†† We have recently come into possession of some additional Donoho information. This has come to us from Elder R.D. Brooks, of Carthage, whose distant relative, Sally Brooks married Charles Donoho in Bedford County, Virginia on August 3, 1784. The marriage is recorded in the records of that county which have been preserved. Sallie Brooks was the daughter of Robert Brooks. Charles Donoho and Sallie Brooks Donoho, his wife, moved to Goose Creek, not many miles south of Lafayette, and bought land from Major Thomas Donoho, this being part of a 4,000 acre tract granted to the older Donoho by the State of North Carolina. Major Donoho was born in Bedford County, Virginia, but later moved to Caswell County, North Carolina.

†† Charles Donoho and Sally Brooks Donoho were the parents of Albert Gallatin Donoho. They lived in the present Hartsville. Albert Gallatin Donoho was born in 1798.

††††† As yet we do not know what relation this branch of the family was to Billy Donoho, whose descendants we gave a short time ago. We would be glad to have any light that any of our readers may throw on the connection between these two branches of the family. We may add that Major Donoho was born in 1750.