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The Powell Cemetery
The Powell Cemetery is located on the Century Farm of the Greens at #158 McClure's
Bend Road. The cemetery is about three tenths mile from the highway near the
Cordell Hull Lake. Nicely maintained.
GPS 36-16-86N 85-54-39W

Grisham, S. B. 7 Apr 1923 - 14 Jul 1924 S/O Charlie and Alma Grisham
"Darling we miss thee"
Shoemake, Lizzie 10 Mar 1873 - 9 Feb 1934
"A Loving Mother and Faithful Friend"
Shoemake, Sherlie E. 5 Nov 1900 - 28 Nov 1902
"From Mothers arms to the arms of Jesus"
Powell, Bettie 15 Jun 1850 - 7 Mar 1916
"Asleep in Jesus Blessed Thought"
Powell, Newton 22 Feb 1851 - 31 Oct 1895
"We Will meet again"
Powell, Newton 22 Feb 1841 - 31 Oct 1895
"Since thou canst no longer stay to cheer me with thy love,
I hope to meet with thee again in yon bright world above"

(Note: Bettie and Newton are on a double stone. There is a single
stone for Newton also which has a birth day 10 years earlier.)
Powell, N.B. 13 Jul 1916 - 29 Oct 1918 S/O Geo & Fannie Powell (Photo on stone)

Several other graves some of which are marked with fieldstones.

Copied by Retta Waggoner 23 Nov 2003
Listed in Smith County Tennessee Cemeteries - North of the Cumberland River page 187.

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