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The Tunstall Cemetery
The Tunstall Cemetery is located in front of house at #160 Flat Rock Road. Unfortunately this cemetery
has been bulldozed with stones being knocked over. One of the stones can be read and another is covered
with dirt with only a corner sticking out. It appears that a stone enclosure was pushed in also.
36-14-09N 86-06-04W

Tunstall, Emma P. 10 Mar 1878 - 17 Oct 1939
Tunstall, Tom 17 July 1876 - 1 June 1927
Tunstall, Lucy A. McCall 5 Aug 1851 - 8 Dec 1917
Tunstall, Richard M. 26 Aug 1847 - 12 June 1902
Married 28 Feb 1871

Names and dates from Smith County Tennessee Cemeteries-South of the Cumberland River Page 23.

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