1820 Census of Smith County, TN
Transcribed by Volunteers & Charles Gregory
Proofread By Bob McCormick.

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It is the transcribers interpretation and subject to human error.
Always refer to the original document (or microfilm) for your own interpretation.

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Abbetts George
Acuf Henry
Adams Henry
Adams Jesse
Adams Aaron
Adams John
Adams Solomon
Adams Allen
Adams Daniel
Adams Elijah
Adams Abraham
Adams Jacob
Adcock James
Agee Jonathan
Akens John
Ales Charles
Alexander Richard
Alexander James
Alexander James A.
Alexander Rueben
Alexander Daniel
Alexander Josiah
Alexander Daniel
Alexander Richard
Allen Grant
Allen Thomas
Allen Charles
Allen William
Allen Isaac
Allen Hezekiah
Allen Sarah
Allen Moses
Allen Robert
Allen James
Allison George
Allison Thomas
Allison Joseph
Allison Matilda
Allison Ezekiel
Alloway Archelaus
Alman Willis
Anderson John H.
Anderson Rachel
Anderson Joseph
Anderson Joseph
Anderson Matthew
Anderson James
Anderson Francis
Anderson William
Anderson William
Anderson Johnson
Andrews Samuel
Andrews Drewry
Andrews Benjamin
Arendale Benjamin
Armonett Jacob
Armstead William H.
Armstead John
Armstead Jesse M.
Armstead Thaddeus
Armstead William
Arnet William
Arnold Joseph
Arnold William
Asford Bardale
Ashworth Moses
Askew William
Atkinson David
Atkinson Elias
Atwood Edwin
Austin Samuel
Austin Levi
Austin Sarah
Austin Stephen
Avent Abner
Averell David
Avetts Joseph
Avetts Joseph Sen.
Avetts Joseph
Avetts Moses
Avetts Hannah
Axum William
Badger Sally
Bailey William
Bailey Wyatt
Bailey William
Bailey Enoch
Bailey Jeremiah
Bain Alexander
Bain Archibald
Bain Master T. L. H. N. W.
Baines Samuel
Baker John
Baker George
Baker John E.
Baldridge Wm.
Baldridge Daniel
Ballard John
Ballard Howard
Ballard James
Ballard John
Ballow Leonard
Ballow James
Bandy Thomas
Bandy Cara
Bank Thomas
Banks Thomas
Banks William
Banter Peter
Barber Edward
Bargo John
Barker John
Barkhark Sally
Barkley John
Barkley Robert
Barnes George
Barnet John
Barnet William
Barrot James
Barrot Stephen
Barrot Polly
Barton Lamson
Barton Eliazor
Barton Seth
Basket William
Bates Jane
Bates John
Bates Isaac
Bates Sally
Batey James
Bath Edward
Batton Daniel
Batts Aaron
Batts William
Baysinger George
Baysinger Henry
Beal John
Bean Isaiah
Bean Walter
Beard Jeremiah
Beasley Isham
Beasley Major
Beasley Ellis
Beasley Sterling
Beasley Henry
Beasley Johnson
Beasley Braddock
Beck William
Belcher Isaac
Bell George
Bell Jesse
Bell William
Bell David
Bellow Samuel
Bellow Susannah
Belote George
Belote Jonas
Bennet William
Bennet William
Bennet James
Bennet Nancy
Bennet John M.
Bennet Benjamin
Bennet Richard
Bennet William
Bennet Benjamin
Bennet Benjamin Sen.
Bennet William
Benton Patsey
Berry Elizabeth
Beshears Loman
Bethel Cantrell
Bethel Tilman
Betole Smith C.
Betty Isaac
Bilbo William
Binion Martin
Bishop Joseph
Bishop James
Bishop John
Black Elizabeth
Black Samuel
Black Hugh
Blackwell Elizabeth
Blades Benjamin
Blair Solomon
Blair William
Blakley Nancy
Blankenship Rhoda
Blankenship Barney
Blankenship Elijah
Boaze Hardy
Bolton Elizabeth
Bolton Charles Jun.
Bolton Charles Sen.
Bolton Moses
Boman Rachel
Bomar William J.
Bostic Charles
Boston Christian
Boswell James
Bowen Jeremiah
Bowling Rodney
Bradford Harris
Bradford Thomas
Bradford Booker
Bradford Thomas
Bradford Joseph
Bradley James
Bradley Charles
Bradley John
Bradley Elizabeth
Bradley James
Bradley Robert
Bradley Isaac
Bradley Lemuel
Bradley Sherard
Bradley Hugh
Brady Ansel
Brake Levi
Branch John H.
Branch Pledge
Brand Malachi
Brandon William D.
Brandon Jonathan
Branham William
Branidon Harrison
Brannon William
Bransford William
Bransford Arthur
Bransford John Sen.
Bransford John Sen.
Braton Enoch
Braton Benjamin
Bratton Robert
Bratton Rachael
Bratton Joshua
Bratton James
Bratton Joseph
Bratton Thomas
Bratton William
Bratton David
Bratton Thomas
Brawner Dozier
Brawner John
Brawner Henry
Bray Joseph H.
Brazil Richard
Brazil Robert
Brazil Elizabeth
Brazil Aaron
Brent John
Brevard John
Brewer Britton
Bridges Daniel
Bridges Thomas
Bridges Joseph
Bridges Allen J.
Bridges James B.
Bridges Tyree
Bridgwater Chesley
Briggs Nathan
Britton Polly
Britton James H.
Britton Samuel
Brocket Elisha
Brocket Frederick
Brocket James
Brooks Elias R.
Brooks Henry
Brown Valentine
Brown Richard
Brown Morris
Brown Sally
Brown Hossy
Brown James Sen.
Brown Betsey
Brown Francis
Brown David
Brown James Jun.
Bruce Jesse
Bruce Amos
Bruce James
Bruce William
Bruce Penelope
Bryan Robert
Buchannan David
Buchannan Dennis
Buchannan William
Buchannan Peter
Bumpus James
Bundy William
Burchet Elijah
Burchet James
Burchet Benjamin
Burdoine Nathaniel
Burford John H.
Burke Catherine
Burke Samuel
Burke James
Burnet Thomas
Burnet Daniel
Burnet Thomas R.
Burrus Jacob
Burton William A.
Burton Polly
Burton John
Burton Peter
Butler Edward
Butts Wilson
Butts Willie
Byram Henry
Byram Ransom
Cadiz Benjamin
Cage Leroy
Cage Wilson
Cage Palemon
Cain Cornelius
Cain Russell
Calbreath William
Calbreath William
Calbreath Thomas
Caldwell Henry
Caldwell John
Calhoun Gray
Callum John
Campbell David
Campbell Manning
Campbell David R.
Campbell Joseph
Campbell Doogel
Campbell John
Campbell Joseph
Campbell William
Canada Lakes
Canada William
Canada William
Caplinger John
Caplinger Enoch
Cara William
Cardwell Caleb
Cardwell Anderson
Carlilse Robert W.
Carmon John
Carmon Caleb
Carmon William Sen.
Carmon William Jun.
Carmon Elijah
Carpenter Harbard
Carr William
Carr Absolom
Carter William
Carter Beverly
Carter William Jun.
Carter Charlotte
Carter Ammon
Carter Nathaniel
Carter Vinson
Carter John
Carter John
Cartwright Thomas
Cartwright James
Cartwright Joseph
Cartwright Elizabeth
Carver John
Casby Thomas W.
Casey Hiram
Casey Samuel
Cassity Thomas
Castilon Joseph
Cauley Charles C.
Cauley Nathaniel
Chaffin William
Chamberlain William
Chambers William
Chambers Richard
Chambers Rebecca
Chambers James
Chambers John
Champion Richard
Chandler Isaac
Chandler Zedekiah
Chapman Samuel
Chapman Elijah
Chapman Daniel
Chapman William
Chapman Isaac
Chapman William, Jr.
Chatham John
Cheak William
Cheak James
Cheatham Joel
Cheatham Edmund
Cheatham Archibald
Cheatham Abram
Childress William
Chiles John
Chitwood Pleasant
Chitwood Richard
Christian John
Clardy Drewry
Clardy Benjamin
Clark Robert
Clark James
Clark Benjamin
Clark Leonard
Clay Archibald
Cleveland William
Cleveland Joseph
Cliborne John
Cliburne Daniel
Clubb Sarah
Cobles Henry
Cobles Christian
Cochran David
Cochran Robert
Cochran Henry
Cochran John
Cocker Robert Dock
Cockranh John
Coffee David
Coffee Joshua M.
Cogbill Charles C.
Coggin Jordon
Coggin Jonathan
Coker Joseph
Colbert Cynthia
Collia William
Collins Joseph
Condik Fielding
Congor John
Congor Eli
Congor Joshua
Connoway Timothy
Cook Garrison
Cook Leon
Cooksee John
Cooper John
Cooper David
Cooper William
Cooper Cornelius
Cooper Bennet
Cooper Dabner
Cooper Jonathan
Cooper Ambrose
Corin Benjamin
Corley Matthew
Corley Larkin
Corley Stephen
Corley Robert
Cornwell Henry
Cornwell Stephen
Cornwell Thompson
Cornwell Fauchee
Cornwell Silas C.
Cornwell Samuel C.
Cornwell Francis
Cornwell Charles
Cotrell Allen
Cotrell Martin
Counsel Cyrus
Craghead Peter
Craghead Shelton
Cragin John
Craig John
Craig James
Craig John Sen.
Cress Jacob
Cress John
Cronk William
Cronk Saul
Cross Gail
Crossland William
Crowder Lucy
Crowder William
Crutchfield George
Crutchfield Samuel B.
Crutchfield Thomas
Cruthers Sally
Cummerford Sally
Cunningham James
Curtis David
Dale Alexander
Dale Adam
Dale William
Darackson Hessey
Darackson William
Davis Alfred
Davis Elizabeth
Davis Ross
Davis Hezkiah
Davis John
Davis Uriah
Davis Henry
Davis Elizabeth
Davis Benjamin U.
Davis Matthew
Dawson John
Day Philip
Deal John
Dean Willis
Dear Thomas
Debow Rachel
Debow John A.
Debow Solomon
Dedmond John
Denney William
Denney Claiborne
Denney Benjamin
Denney Willis
Denney Zachriah
Denney John
Dennis Joseph
Dennis Jeremiah
Denton James
Denton Drury
Devert John
Dewhitt Samuel
Dice Jacob
Dicen Mark
Dickens Jesse
Dickens John
Dill Philemon C.
Dill John
Dill John
Dill Joseph
Dill Nimrod
Dillard William
Dillard Elisha
Dillard Daniel
Dillard Joel
Dillard William
Dillian Nathan
Dillian Isaac
Dillian Isaac Sen.
Dillian Jesse
Dillian William
Dilliard John *
Dixon Jeremiah
Dixon William
Dixon Americus V.
Dixon Don C.
Dobbins James
Dobbs James
Dobbs William
Donoho Patrick
Donoho William
Doss Steward
Doss Noah
Dotson John
Dotson Thomas
Dougherty George
Dougherty John
Douglass Elizabeth
Douglass Edward
Douglass George
Douglass Susannah
Douglass Larkin
Douglass Hannah
Douglass Anderson
Douglass David
Douglass James
Draper Matthew
Draper Philip
Drewry George
Driver Jesse
Driver Daniel
Driver Burrell
Driver William
Driver Benjamin
Driver Pleasant
Driver Dempsey
Driver Thomas
Drury John
Dudley Christopher
Duff William
Duke Matthew
Duke Micajah
Dukes Frederick
Duncan Fleming
Duncan Josiah
Duncan Thomas W.
Duncan Elijah
Duncan Joseph
Duncan John
Duncan Abner
Durant Thomas
Durham Thomas
Dutton John
Duty John
Dyer Gail
Dyer Jack Sen.
Dyer James
Easley Theoderick
Eastes Moses
Eastes Joseph
Eddlemon Margaret
Edmunds John
Elgin Elizabeth
Elgin William
Elick Peter
Ellis Willis P.
Ellis William
Elliston Joseph
Elston Jesse
Emiry Frederick
Enochs John
Enochs David
Enochs Benjamin
Epperson Anthony
Evans Lorrial O.
Evans Charles
Evans Philip
Evans John
Evans William D.
Evans James
Evans Joseph Sen.
Evans Joseph Jun.
Evans Reuben
Evans Walter
Evans Dale
Evans James
Evans Ezekiel
Evans William
Evans John
Evans Nathan
Evans Ephraim
Fagg James
Fagg William
Fagg William Sen.
Faquhar William
Farley John
Farmer Littleberry
Farmer Anderson
Farmer Reynard
Farmer John
Farr Jonathan
Featherton Henry
Feirnatter Jane
Felton Thomas
Fentress James
Fergerson James
Ferguson William
Ferguson Dixon
Ferguson Alexander
Ferguson William
Ferguson Patrick
Ferrill William
Ferrill Theodrick
Fields William
Finney Buck
Fishburn Frederick
Fishburn John
Fishburn Christopher
Fisher Thomas
Fite Moses
Fite John
Fite John
Fite Jacob
Fite Leonard
Fitzpatrick Sally
Fitzpatrick John
Fitzpatrick John
Fitzpatrick Celia
Fletcher Jane
Flippen Armstead
Flippin Dixon R.
Flowers William
Flowers Ralph V.
Flowers Ralph
Flowers William F.
Floyd David
Ford Andrew
Ford Boaze
Ford Zachary
Ford Joshua
Ford Daniel
Ford Lewis
Ford Milton
Ford Peter
Forester Charles
Forester James
Forester Robert
Forker William
Foster Edward
Foster Celia
Foster James
Fouch Elijah
Fouch William
Fouse Philip
Fouse Peter
Franks John
Freeland James
Freeman Edward
Freeman John
Freeman Peter
Fuller Johan
Fuller Jesse
Fults Archibald
Fults Elijah
Furlong Hubbard
Furlong Martin
Furlong James
Furlong Samuel
Fuson John
Fuson Thomas
Fuson Jonathan
Gammon James
Gammon Jeremiah
Gammon John
Gammon Levi
Gann John
Gardner James
Garner John
Garrell Elihah
Garrison Obadiah
Garrison Samuel
Garrison David
Garrison Ephraim
Garrison Jane
Garrison Azeriah
Garrison Moses
Garrison Sally
Garrison Patsy
Garrison Paul
Garrison Edmund
Gates William
Gay Simon
Gibbons Samuel
Gibbs Joshua
Gibbs Joshua
Gifford Jabus
Gifford Richard G.
Gifford Joseph
Gifford Gideon
Gile James
Gill John
Gill Thomas
Gill Jesse
Gill Elizabeth
Gilliam Gray
Gilliam William
Givens William
Givens Nancy
Givens John
Givens David
Glasgow James
Glover Daniel
Glover Richard
Glover Elizabeth
Glover Edward
Glover Polly
Goard Peggy
Goard Joshua
Goard Reuben
Gobble John
Goggin William
Goodall William
Goodall Lucy
Goodall Charles
Goodall John
Goodall David
Goodman John
Gordon John
Gowen William B.
Grant Wilson
Grant William
Gray Frederick
Gray George H.
Green Isaac
Greer Sarah
Greer John
Gregory Jeremiah
Gregory Labourn
Gregory Thomas
Gregory Hosea
Gregory Tapley
Gregory Pitts
Gregory George
Gregory William Sen.
Gregory Bry
Gregory William Jun.
Gregory Harbard
Gregory Henry
Gregory Major
Gregory Stephen
Gregory Ambrose
Gresham Peter
Griffin John
Griffin Matthew
Griffin Elias
Griffith Jonathan
Griffy Jonas
Grigg Peter
Grinnad William F.
Grinnad Nancy
Grinnad Silas
Grisham William
Grisham Harris
Grisham Davis
Grisham Lambeth D.
Grisham Sally
Grisham John
Groggin James
Guest Joseph
Guest Christopher
Guilding John
Gullick John
Gunter John
Gunter James
Gwaltney Elisha
Gwaltney John
Haden Joseph
Haize John
Hale Ritter
Hale John
Hale Nathaniel
Hale William
Hale Thomas
Hale Joil
Hale Ezekiel
Hale Sterling
Hale Benjamin
Hale Jane
Hale John
Hale Joab
Hall Claiborne
Hall Thomas
Hall Richard
Hall Williamson
Hall John
Hall Samuel
Hall Josiah
Hallum Henry
Hallum Cyrus
Hallum William
Hames Caleb
Hames Reuben
Hammack Daniel
Haney Elijah
Haney William
Hargis John Sen.
Hargiss William
Hargiss John Sen.
Harper John
Harper Matthew
Harper Robert
Harper Josiah Jun.
Harper Josiah, Sen.
Harper Patsey
Harper John
Harper Robert
Harris John
Harris Lewis
Harris John
Harris John
Harris Turner
Harris Micajah
Harris William
Harris Akilles
Hart William
Hart Thomas
Hart Henry
Harvell James
Harvey John Jun
Harvey William
Harvey Bennet
Harvey John, Sen.
Harwood Francis G.
Hass Abram
Hass John
Hass Philip
Hass Henry
Hasten John
Hatcher Elisha
Hatchet Edward
Hatchet Parish
Hawken Reuben
Hawkins Susannah
Hayes Reuben
Hayes Robert
Hayes William
Hayes Henry
Hayes Rebecca
Hayes Hugh
Haynes Thomas
Haynes David
Haynes John
Haynes Peter
Haynes Gabriel
Haynes Fountain
Hays Isaac
Hays Elizabeth
Hays Joseph
Hazard Lott
Hazard Lewis
Heflin William
Heflin Joab
Heflin James
Heflin William
Heits Ann
Hellum Andrew
Helmantoler Jacob
Helmantoler Henry
Helmantoler Jacob, Sen.
Henderickson James
Henderickson Jonathan
Henderson John
Henry Joseph
Henry Francis
Henry William
Heron Purnell
Herrald Enos
Herrald Ruth
Herrod James
Herrod Levi
Herrod Peter
Herrod William, Sen.
Hesson Andrew
Hesson Arthur
Hibbet James
Hickerson John
Hickerson Isaac
Hicks Caty
Higgins Elisha
High Winston
High John
High Rebecca
Highers George
Highers Martin
Hill Green
Hilton Betsey
Hilton Richard
Hindeley Benjaman
Hinton Judith
Hodgens John
Hodges Willis
Hodges David
Hodges Thomas
Hodges Robert
Hodges William
Hodges Richard
Hodges Robert
Hodges James
Hogan Arthur L.
Hogg David
Hogg Rebecca
Holladay Allen
Holladay Ann
Holland Britton
Holland Joshua
Holland Thomas
Holland Eli
Holland William
Holland Martin
Holland Josiah
Holland Willis
Holloman Henry
Holly John
Holman Yancy
Holmes James
Holmes William
Holt Giles
Holt Jesse
Holt Timothy
Holt William
Hooker Thomas
Hooladay Allen
Hopkins Sarah
Horn Joseph
House William
Howard Samuel P.
Howard Thomas
Howel Josiah
Howel Eason
Howel Willis
Hubbard Robert
Hubbert Sally
Hubbert Jacob
Hubbert Richard
Huddleston Henry
Huddleston Peyton
Hudgins Benjamin
Huff William
Hughes William
Hughes William
Hughes Simon P.
Hughes John
Hughes John B
Hughes Simon Sen.
Hughes Edward P.
Hughes Leander
Hughes Littleberry
Huhges John Sen.
Hullet William
Hunt John
Hunt Matthew
Hunt Archibald
Hunt Abel
Hunter Samuel
Huphiner David
Hyatt Simeon
Hynes John
Ingram John
Ingram Job
Isham Margaret
Jackson Robert
Jackson Thomas
Jackson Samuel
Jackson Thomas
Jackson Alexander
James Edmund
James Minzy
James Frederick
Jamison Thomas
Jamison Jeremiah
Jeffreys Osborne
Jeffreys James O.
Jenkins Wilson
Jenkins James
Jenkins Thomas
Jenkins William
Jenkins Samuel
Jenkins Noah
Jenkins Averett
Jenkins Roderick
Jenkins Charles
Jenkins John
Jennings Betsy
Jens John
Johns Enoch
Johns Jesse
Johns Benjamin
Johns Elias
Johnson Reuben
Johnson Willis
Johnson John
Johnson John Sen.
Johnson Solomon
Johnson Benjamin
Johnson John
Johnson John
Johnson Thomas
Johnson John Sen.
Johnson John A.
Johnson John
Johnson William
Johnson John
Johnson James
Johnson Robert
Johnson John
Johnson William
Johnson Garret
Johnson Carter
Johnson John
Jones Joseph
Jones Willie
Jones Samuel
Jones Leonard
Jones James
Jones John
Jones Ruth
Jones Mourning
Jones Lemuel A.
Jones Harrison
Jones Elisha
Jones William
Jones John Sen.
Jones Barbary
Jones James
Jones Betsey
Jones Willie
Jones Thomas
Jones James
Jordan Clement
Jorge William
Jorge Josiah W.
Justus Esther
Kean Abner
Keeling Abraham
Keeling Ailsey
Keith Nancy
Kelly James
Kelly Patrick
Kelly Spencer
Kemp Murfree
Kemp Richard
Kemp Jinks
Kemp Solomon
Kemp Richard Sen.
Kemp Henry
Kent Nathan
Kerby Richard
Kerby Samuel
Kerby Jesse
Kerley James
Kerley William
Kerley John
Kerley Luke
Kerley William
Kerley William Sen
Key William
Key Logan
Key Jonathan
Key Solomon
King Lewis
King Zachariah
King Sugar
King John W.
King Peter
King Samuel
King William
Kinney Patrick
Kirk Matthew
Kirwin John
Kitchens James
Knight Joseph
Knight John
Knight Ellis
Knowles Polly
Kyle Barbary
Lack Obediah
Lack Moses
Lack Abner
Lake Daniel T.
Lake Allen
Lamberson Lawrence Sen.
Lamberson Peter
Lamberson Lawrence
Lamberson Leonard
Lamberson Conrod
Lamon Oran D.
Lamon Peyton
Lancaster Richard
Lancaster William
Lancaster Thomas A.
Lancaster Robert Jun.
Lancaster Robert A.
Lancaster Thomas
Lancaster William A.
Lane David
Lane William
Lankford James
Lankford Parish
Lankford William
Lankford James
Lankford Jesse
Larkins Roger
Larkins William
Law Jesse
Law John
Law William
Lawley Stephen
Lawrence William
Lawrence Nancy
Lawrence Charity
Lawrence Thomas
Lawrence Edward
Lawrence Faris
Lawson Moses
Lawson John
Lawson Thomas
Leach Levi
Leak Hannah
Ledbetter Charles
Lee Grey
Lee Grey Sen.
Lee James
Legrand Obediah
Legrand John O.
Lewis James
Lewis Edmund
Lewis John
Lewis James
Ligon Henry
Ligon Martin
Ligon John
Ligon William
Ligon William
Ligon Evans L.
Linville William
Linville Henry
Lipscomb John
Lipscomb Benion P.
Litchford Austin
London Martin
Looney Elisha
Lorance Hiram
Lorance William
Lorance David
Love Matthew
Love William
Lovelady James
Lovelady Asa
Lovelady John
Lucky John
Lucky Nancy
Lynch Jesse
Lynch William
Lynch Lawrence
Lynch John
Lynch David
Lynch Thomas
Lyon John
Lyon Harry
Mace Thompson
Mackleroy John
Madding Champane J.
Madding Violet
Maddino Thomas
Maddison Norman
Malone Robert
Malone William
Malone James
Malone Samuel
Malone Robert
Mann John
Mann Stephen
Mann Joel
Manners Christly
Manor James
Maraigon Stephen
Marler Stephen
Marler Stephen Sen.
Marley Adam
Marrs Benjamin
Marsh Charles
Marsh James
Marshall John H.
Marshall Josiah
Martin William
Martin George
Martin Price
Martin George
Martin David
Martin James
Martin Sarah
Martin Amy
Martin Thomas
Martin James
Mason John
Massey William H.
Massey Sally
Massey William
Massey Samuel
Massey Sherwood
Massey Lenny
Massey James B
Massey John
Matlock George
Matthews Martha
McAllister Garland
McAllister David
McCabe James H.
McCaul Alexander
McClennahan William
McCormack William
McCormack James
McCormack James
McCullough Charles
McDonald Henry
McDonald John
McDoogle Archibald
McDowel Luke
McDuffy Neal
McEhern Mary
McFall John
McFarland Lewis
McFerron Samuel
McGee Solomon
McGee William
McGee George
McGee Nathan
McGee John
McGinnis Richard
McGinnis Alexander Jr.
McGinnis Alexander Sr.
McGinnis William
McGuffy Edmund
McIntire Andrew
McIntire Archibald
McKey Hugh
McKinnes John
McKinney Willie
McKinnis Jordon
McKinnis William
McKinnis Alexander
McKinnis James
McKinnis Daniel
McLain Matthew
McLam William
McLellan David
McLellan James
McLellan Hugh
McLellan Samuel
McMillan Malcom
McMillon Jane
McMurry John
McMurry Hosea
McMurry Charlie
McMurry Samuel D.
McMurry Samuel W
McWhorter Henry
Meadow Richard
Meadow Jehes
Meadow James
Meadow Ephraim
Meadow Ira
Meadow Thomas W
Meadow Pleasant
Meadow William
Meadow Isham
Meadow Job
Meadow Deaton
Meadow Joel
Meadow Jonas
Meadow Ira Sen.
Meadow John
Meadow Joel Sen.
Measles William
Mercer Thomas
Miller Barton
Miller Henry
Miller Abram
Mills James
Mills John
Millstead James
Minnick John
Minton Simon
Miracle George
Mitchel Charles
Mitchell Winny
Mitchell Davis
Mitchell Allen
Montgomery James
Montgomery Stephen
Moon William
Mooningham Matthew
Moore Armstrest
Moore Haynes
Moore John
Moore Francis
Moore Robert C.
Moore Abner
Moore James
Moore James
Moore Enoch
Moore Benjamin
Moore Isaac Sen
Moore John Sen
Moore William
Moore Patrick
Moore William H.
Moore John Sen.
Moore John Jun.
Moore John
Moore Thomas
Moore Mason
Moores William
Moores Isaac
Moran Uriah
Moran Delila
Moreland Vinson
Morgan Joseph
Morris Nancy
Morris Dempsey
Morris John
Morris Thomas
Morris Nancy
Morris John
Morris Millerson
Morris John
Morrow John
Morrow Eleanor
Moseley William
Moses Josiah
Mounds Michael
Mullican Allen
Murfree John
Murry John
Nance Harwood
Nash Thomas
Needham William
Needham Thomas
Neel Lydia
Neel William
Neely William
Newbel William
Newby William
Newby Henry
Newhouse William
Newman Conrad
Newsom Delenport
Nichols William
Nichols Matthew
Nichols Jesse
Nichols Lucy
Nichols Byrd
Nixon Charles
Nixon Robert
Nolen Charles Jun.
Nolen Stephen
Norris George
Norris James
Norrod Benjamin
Notts Levi
Nunnally Branch
Nunnally John
Oakley George
Oakley John
Oakley Thomas P.
Odum Sarah
Ogden Lucinda
Oglesby Elisha
Oldham George
Oliver Patsy
Olver Abram
Olver Edmund
Orange John
Orange Byrd
Orange Yearby
Orange Zepheniah
Osborne John
Overall Elizabeth
Overall Jacob
Overall Abram
Overstreet Jesse
Overton George
Overton Archibald
Overton Samuel
Overton Westberry
Owen John
Owen John
Owen William
Owen Samuel
Page John
Page Jacob
Page Thomas
Page William
Page Barney
Palmer Sarah
Palmer William
Palmer John
Palmer Philip Jun.
Palmer Philip Sen.
Palmore Woodson
Panky Uzzi
Parish William
Parish Willis
Parish John
Pariss James
Pariss Obediah
Parker William
Parker Elizabeth
Parker Lydia
Parker William
Parker Patsey
Parker William Jr. 2nd
Parker James
Parker Richard
Parker Francis
Parker Abraham
Parker Joseph
Parker James
Parker John
Parker Lewis
Parker Matthew Sen.
Parker Matthew
Parker Polly
Parker Edward
Parkerson George W.
Parkerson William
Parkerson George W
Parkerson George
Parkerson Richard
Parkhurst David
Parkhurst Charles
Parkwood Larkin
Parrot Benjamin
Parrot Harp
Parsons William
Parsons Edmund
Partee Benjamin
Pascal John Sen.
Pascal Silas
Pascal John Jun.
Paseal John H.
Pate Stephen
Patey Elizabeth
Patey Charles
Patey Eli
Patrick John
Patterson Alexander
Patterson John
Patterson John Sen.
Patterson Hugh
Patterson James
Patterson William
Patterson William
Patterson John
Patterson John
Patterson George
Patterson John
Payne Lawrence
Payne Mary
Payne John
Payne Isaac
Payne William
Payne Joseph Sen.
Payne Sarah
Payne William
Payne James
Payne Demariss
Payne Nehemiah
Payne Ledford
Payne Joseph Jun.
Payne Amy
Payne Solomon
Pendarvis William
Pendleton James
Perkins Sally
Perkins Gabriel
Perry Benjamin
Perry Olbert
Peterson Johan
Petty William
Pew Fletcher
Pew Samuel
Philip James
Philips John
Philips John
Pickett Jonathan
Pickett Andrew
Pigg George
Pigg Claiborne
Pigg John J
Pigg John
Pillow John J.
Pillow Martin
Pimager Matthias
Pinson Moses
Piper Abram
Piper Benjamin
Piper John
Pipkin Hughes
Pipkin Lavis
Pipkin Clemency
Pistole William
Pistole James
Pistole William
Pistole Thomas
Plunket Reuben
Pope Philip
Pope Silas
Pope Martha
Pope James
Pope William
Porter Thomas
Porter John
Porter William
Porter Peter
Porter John
Porter James
Porter John
Powel Edmund
Powel Dempsey
Powel Jesse
Powel John
Powel Charles
Powell Abram
Pratt Bailey
Pratt John
Preston Caleb
Pride Francis
Prince Pety
Prince John
Proctor Absalom
Pruette Joshua
Pruette Joseph
Pruette Calvin
Pully James
Purnell Lemuel
Pusley Ephraim
Pusley David
Pusley James
Pyles Isaac
Pyron Joshua
Quary William
Rackley Joshua
Raffety William
Ragin James
Ragland Ureula D
Ragland Daniel
Ragland Otey T.
Ragland Reuben
Ragland William
Ralph Alexander
Ralph Anderson
Ralph Thomas
Ralph Lewis
Ralph William
Randal Joel
Rankin John
Rawles John
Rawley Daniel
Rawlings James
Reasonover Joseph Sr.
Reasonover Joseph Jr.
Redmond William
Reece John
Reed David C.
Reed Byrd
Reed Henry
Reed Thomas
Reed Thomas
Reed John
Reed James
Reese Jeremiah
Reeves William
Reeves John
Reynolds James
Reynolds Gay
Reynolds Josiah
Reynolds John
Rhea Lydia
Rhea James
Rhea Robert
Rhea John
Rhine Eliar
Rhine John
Rhoades Moses
Rhoades Abner
Rial James
Rich Nimrod
Richards Billey
Richards William
Richardson Thomas
Richardson Willie
Richardson James B
Richardson Edward
Richardson Hopkins
Rider Thomas
Ridings David
Riggs James
Rigsby Wright
Rigsby Daniel
Riodt Nancy
Rippy James
Ritchie David
Ritchie James
Ritchie Daniel
Rizen Richard
Rizen George
Rizen Ellery
Roark Samuel
Roark James
Roark John
Roark Asa
Roark John
Roark Levi
Roark Reuben
Roark William
Roark Josiah
Roberts Pleasant
Roberts Richardson
Roberts John
Robertson William
Robertson Thomas
Robertson Henry
Robertson Andrew
Robertson David
Robertson James
Robertson David Sen.
Robertson John
Robertson John
Robertson John J.
Robertson Samuel B.
Robertson Hezekiah
Robertson Hutson
Robertson Samuel
Robertson Joseph
Robertson Asa
Robertson Samuel N.
Robertson William
Robertson Stephen
Robertson Stephen Sr.
Robertson John
Robertson George
Robertson Mary
Robertson Fanny
Robertson Augustine
Robertson Elizabeth
Rochell James
Roddy Philip
Roe Benjamin
Roe John L
Roe John
Roland George
Roland John
Roland James
Roland David
Roland Robert
Roleman Ruth
Roney Polly
Roper John G.
Rose William
Ross Samuel
Ross Andrew
Roulstons James G.
Roundtree Polly
Rucks Josiah
Rucks James
Rule Peter
Rumley Joseph
Rumley Stanley
Russell Hiram
Russell Henry
Russell James
Russell Elam
Russell John
Russell Asa
Russell Mitchell
Rust Jeremiah T
Rust John
Rust Vincent
Rutherford Griffith
Rutherford Archibald
Saddler Thomas
Sampson Francis
Sampson Stephen
Sampson Betsey
Sampson Smith
Sandalin Randal
Sanders Obediah
Sanders John S.
Sanders Silas
Sanders Joseph
Sanders Francis
Sanders Isaac
Sanders Moses
Sanders John
Sanders William L.
Sanders James
Sanders William
Sanderson Thomas
Sanderson Edward
Sanderson Susannah
Scoby John
Scott Moses
Scott Crowicke
Scott Martin
Scott John
Scott John
Scrivner Benjamin
Scrivner Thomas
Scrivner Moses
Scruggs Archibald
Scudder Henry
Scudder Mathias
Sea John
Seal Charles
Seal William
Seals Rhoda
Searcy William
Searles Francis
Seaward James
Seaward Zachariah
Seenlock Patsey
Self John
Self Abner
Sellars Lewis
Sexton William
Shaphard Thomas
Shaphard James
Shaver David
Shaw John
Shaw Basil
Shaw Henry
Shaw John L.
Shaw Jacob
Shaw James
Shelton James
Shelton John
Shelton David
Shelton James
Sherwood Jane
Ship Makins
Ship Binton
Short Thomas R.
Shoulders Malachi
Shumake Michael
Shy Eli
Sigman Nimrod
Simmons Joel
Simmons Matthew
Simmons Vincent
Simmons Charles
Simmons Smith
Simmons Thomas
Simms Absalom
Simms Micajah
Simms James
Simms Robert
Simons John
Simpson William
Simpson James
Simpson Mary
Simpson Lawrence
Skeaf William
Skeaf Jesse
Skelton Duke
Skelton Robert
Slavens John
Slavens Henry
Slinkard William
Sloan John
Sloan Isaac
Sloan John Sen.
Sloan John
Sloan Josiah
Sloan Elias
Sloan William
Sloan Thomas
Sloan Elizabeth
Sloan Archibald
Smith William
Smith Penelope
Smith Alfred
Smith Joseph
Smith Willie
Smith Malcom
Smith Robert
Smith Archibald
Smith Margaret
Smith William
Smith Jesse
Smith Thomas
Smith George
Smith Jesse
Smith Thomas Jun.
Smith Natale
Smith Larkin
Smith Daniel
Smith Daniel
Smithwick Thomas
Smothers John
Sneed John
Sneed William
Sneed William
Snoddy Thomas
Soary Michael
Somerset Joseph
Spain James
Spears William
Spence Charles
Spencer Charles
Spencer John
Spencer Isaac
Spencer Moses
Spencer Elijah
Spencer Jacob
Spivy William J.
Spivy John
Springer John
Springfield Anson
Springs Lavina
Spurlock Drewry
Spurlock Joseph
Spurlock Byrd
Spurnliss Eli
Squires Levi
Srum Peter
Stafford Cain
Stafford Polly
Stafford Adam
Stafford Stephen
Stafford John
Stafford Thomas
Stalcup William
Stalings John
Stalings Thomas R.
Stalings Charity
Standford James
Standifer John
Stanford Essex
Starnes Andrew
Staton Russell
Stenson Alexander W.
Step Colby
Stephens John
Stephens Garrison
Stephenson Hugh B.
Stewart Henry
Stewart Thomas
Stewart James
Stewart Drury
Stewart Isaac
Stimson Bendit
Stimson John
Stokes Jordon G.
Stone Jacob
Stone Jeremiah
Stott Rawleigh
Strange Beverly H.
Strickland Harmon
Stringer Elijah
Strong Thomas
Strong Samuel
Strong James
Strong William
Strong John
Strother Judd
Strother Gideon
Stubblefield John
Sullivan Tabitha
Sullivan Daniel
Sullivan Willie
Sullivan Lee
Sullivan Tabitha
Sullivan William
Suttles Edward
Sutton Colby
Sutton Joseph
Sutton James Sen.
Sutton James
Sutton George
Sutton Abner
Sutton William
Sykes Joshua
Tait John Sen
Tait John
Tally Joshua
Tarver Edward D.
Taylor William
Taylor Richard
Taylor Joseph
Taylor Jeremiah
Taylor James
Taylor John
Taylor David
Taylor Tabitha
Taylor Drewry
Taylor David
Taylor Wilson
Taylor Nancy
Taylor Benjamin
Taylor Henry
Taylor Barziller
Taylor David
Taylor William
Taylor Canellium
Taylor Thomas
Teal John
Teasley George
Tedder John
Tedder Daniel
Temple Zachariah
Temples John
Terry Peter
Terry Sally
Terry James
Terry Thomas
Terry George
Tharp Sally
Thomas Zachariah F.
Thomas Champion
Thomas James
Thomas Humphrey
Thomas Joseph
Thomas Ephraim
Thomas William
Thomas David
Thomas Lewis
Thomas Adam
Thomerson Adam
Thomerson Thomas
Thomerson George
Thomerson Edward
Thomerson Joseph
Thomerson George
Thomerson Samuel
Thomerson Elias
Thompson William
Thompson Archibald
Thompson Sarah
Thompson John
Thompson Benjamin
Thompson Betsey
Thompson David
Thompson John
Thorn Augustine
Thornton James
Thornton Hannah
Thornton Felix
Thornton Luke
Thrueatte William
Thurman Graves
Thurmon Clarissa
Tibbs John
Tibbs Thomas
Tibbs Anderson
Tibbs William
Tittle Samuel
Toad Owen
Toler John
Toler Joel
Toney Elijah
Townes Edmund
Towson William
Trammel William
Tredwell John
Trousdale John
Trousdale Polly
Trousdale John Sen.
Trousdale John
Truette Tabitha
Tubbs John
Tubbs James
Tubbs Abraham
Tubbs William
Tubbs James Sen.
Tucker Frederick
Tuggle Thomas
Tuggle John
Tuggle Harris B.
Tune John
Turnage Henry
Turnbull William
Turner Berryman
Turner Susannah
Turner Federick
Turner Benjamin
Turner John
Turner Willis
Turner Robert
Turner Hezekiah
Turner Lewis
Turney Henry
Turney George
Turney Isaac
Turney Henry
Turney Peter
Turney Jacob
Tynes Henry
Tynes David
Tyree David
Tyree William
Tyree Thomas J.
Tyree William Sen.
Uhles John
Uhles Frederick
Uhles Richard
Uhles Jefferson
Uhles Jacob Jun.
Uhles Jacob Sen.
Uhles Michael
Upton James
Vaden William
Vaden Ludwick
Vanatta Samuel
Vanatta Peter
Vance John
Vance Thomas
Vanderpool Joseph
Vanderpool Elijah
Vanhook Loyd
Vanhoy John
Varner James
Vaughan John
Vaughan Leticia
Ventres David
Ventress Lovet
Vick Pilgrim
Vick William
Vick Joshua Sen.
Vinson Samuel
Vinson Polly
Vinson John
Voles Robert
Vontrese Valentine
Vontrese John
Vontrese William
Vontrese John Jun.
Wade Nehemiah
Wagoner Daniel
Wagoner Conelius
Walden Fielding
Waldmig Jesse
Waldon Jacob
Walk Anthony
Walker John
Walker William
Walker George
Walker Warren
Walker John A.
Walker William
Walker Thomas
Walker Samuel Sen.
Walker Edward
Walker Nelson
Walker Micajah
Walker Henry
Walker Samiul
Wallace David
Wallace William
Wallace Peggy
Wallis James
Wallis Hugh B.
Walton Timothy
Walton Thomas G.
Walton Isaac
Walton Thomas
Walton Sally
Walton George
Walton Edward
Ward John
Ward Bryant
Ward Dickers
Ward Mary
Ward John
Ward Anthony
Ward William
Ware Sally
Warford John
Warford Robert
Warford John Jun.
Warner John
Warren Ethelred
Warren John
Washburn Lewis
Watkins Silva
Watkins Joel M.
Watson Samuel
Watters Jesse
Watts William
Weakfield Henry
Webster John
Webster Mary
West Miles
West Benjamin
West Thurman
West Edward
West Jesse
West John F.
Whailey Elijah
Whailey Thomas
Whitcher Asa
White Bartholomew
White Bryant
White James Jun.
White James Sen.
White Thomas
White William
White Jackson
White Denny
White Mary
Whitehead Edmund
Whitley Willie
Whitley Taylor
Whitley Exum
Whitley Jonas Sen.
Whitley Thomas
Whitley James J.
Whitlock Jeremiah
Whitney Sally
Whittenton Joseph
Wilbourn Thomas
Wilbourn Robert
Wilder Charles
Wilkerson Archibald
Wilkerson Brooks
Wilkerson Turner
Wilkerson Rachel
Williams John
Williams Thomas
Williams William
Williams George
Williams Nathaniel W.
Williams Silas M.
Williams Evans
Williams Henry
Williams Robert
Williams Simon
Williams David
Williams Peter
Williams Robert
Williams Nancy
Williams John
Williams Thomas A.
Williams Gilbert
Williams William Sen.
Williams William
Williams Samuel
Williams Giles
Williams Charles
Williams John P.
Williams Robert B.
Williams Bennet
Williams James
Williams Isham
Williams Tobias
Williams John
Williams Morgan
Williamson Pulliam
Williamson James
Williford Jeremiah
Willis William
Willis William
Willis John
Willis Sherard
Willis Vincent
Willis Jeremiah
Willoby William
Willoby Sarah
Wills James
Wilmon Henry
Wilson Robert A.
Wilson James
Wilson Elijah
Wilson Samuel H.
Wilson William S.
Wilson William
Wilson David
Wilson Randal
Wilson Richard
Wimberly Polly
Winfrey Wilson
Winkler Ephraim
Wiseman John
Wiseman Jonathon
Witcher Booker
Witcher Daniel K.
Witcher James Sen
Witcher James Jun.
Withro Elizabeth
Wommack Catherine
Wommack James
Wood John
Wood James
Wood Isham
Wood Thomas
Wood James
Wood James
Wood John
Wood William P.
Wood Josiah
Wood Frances
Wood Thomas
Wood Mason
Wood Vincent
Wood Squire
Wood John J.
Wood Isaac
Woodall Overton
Woodcock Chesley
Woodcock Mark
Woodcock Elizabeth
Woodcock Eleanor
Woodcock Parish
Woodcock John Sen.
Woodmore James
Woods John
Woods William
Woodside John
Woodson Tucker
Woodson John
Woodson Obediah
Wooten John
Wright Joseph
Wright Thompson
Wright Green
Wright Elizabeth
Wright Nancy
Wright George
Wright Robert
Wyatt Chrystina
Wyatt Christopher
Wyatt Ezekiel
Yaman Lewis
Yergin Samuel
Yergin Rebecca
York John
York Richard
You John
Young Archibald
Young Manson
Young John
Young Milton
Young Polly
Young Milton Jun.
Young Tandy
Young Marlin
Young Thomas
Zachary Polly