William Arnett 1832 Smith County Land Deed


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Tennessee State Library and Archives:

Smith County  Book  14   Page 602

Type Record   Land Grant



What is significant?  (1) William Arnett’s 1832 100 acre land grant from the State of Tennessee on the “west fork of Peyton’s Creek.”  (2)  William Arnett arrived in Smith County about 1813.  This is the first land deed transcript discovered.  (3)  A Smith County Deed Index has William Arnet selling 15 acres to John Branford Sr in 1822, but no copy of the deed has been found.  (4)  The deed description of the land parcel begins with “a Birch marked “W.A.” [Initials of William Arnet?].  (5)  Evidence suggests this farm was located next to William Porter’s farm. 


NOTE:  A “pole” is 16.5 feet.



The [4 March 2002] transcription of the deed follows:



 Recorded 15th Day 1834

[Page] 602


The State of Tennessee—No. 12028 [ck]




KNOW YE, that  by virtue of Entry No. 1522 [ck] the 17th [ck] day of January 1831 made in the Entry Takers Office of Smith County in pursuance of an act of the General Assembly _________ of said state ______ on the 8th [ck] day of January 1830.


There is granted by the State of Tennessee, unto  William Arnett



a certain Tract or Parcel of LAND containing One hundred acres by survey bearing date the 13th day of June 1832, lying in said county,  On the West fork of Peyton Creek and bounded as follows to wit, Beginning on a Birch marked W.A.  in Peyton’s West boundary.  Hence West one hundred seventy six and a half poles to a branch of __owerwoody.  Hence north one hundred, twenty six and a half poles to a ___ynn.  Hence East one hundred, twenty-six and a half poles to a stake.  Hence South one hundred, twenty six and a half poles to the Beginning. 



With the hereditaments and appertenances.  To Have and to Hold the said Tract or Parcel of LAND, with its appertenances, to the said William Arnett and his heirs forever.  In Witness whereof William Carroll Govenor of the State of Tennessee, hath hereunto set his hand, and caused the great seal of the State to be affixed, at Nashville, on the 10th day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand, eight hundred and thirty four and of the Independence of the United States the fifty Eight.




___ G. SMITH         SECRETARY                           William Carroll


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