Transcription of 1849 Smith County, TN William P. Arnett Land Deed


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Original from the Tennessee State Library and Archives


County Smith

Roll no. 117

Book U  (January 1851-Nov 1852)

Page 137-138

Type record:  Deed


What is significant?  (1)  8 November 1849 James Williams sells 20 acres to William P. Arnett.   On 25 October 1850, that is , eleven months after this deed transfer, William P. Arnett sells the same 20 acres plus 50 adjoining acres to John G. Andersan. (2)  John G. Andersan is a witness [twice] to this 1849 deed transfer.  He is clearly a friend/neighbor to William P. Arnett.   (2)  William P. Arnett’s farm bordered on William Arnett’s farm.  (3)   His farm did not border Peyton’s Creek.  [The deed does not mention Peyton’s Creek, but it is clearly near Peyton’s Creek because William Arnett’s farm is on “the left fork of Peyton’s Creek”. (4) William P. Arnett is sells his farm in 1850.  Why?  William Arnett and family moved to Graves County, KY between late 1850 and 1853.  (5)  William P. Arnett’s farm is next to the farms of Harry Williams and Hopkin Richardson. [NOTE:  Hopkin Richardson is in at least the 1840 and 1850 Smith County Census’s]


Transcribed 14 October 2001



       I James Williams have this day bargained, sold, and _____ and do hereby transfer and convey unto William P. Arnett and his heirs forever for the consideration of one hundred and twenty-five dollars to me in hand paid a tract of land in the state of Tenn Smith county and _____   _____ No. 7 containing by estimation twenty acres be the same more or less and bounded as follows:  to wit beginning in a small halo and a coffeenut and ash running thence south with a line _______ _______ between Henry Willmore and Hopkins Richardson or nearly so to a large _______ red _______ standing on the west side of the point of the hill thence containing the same course to a sugar tree on the top of the ridge thence the same course to a _______ in Hopkins Richardson south boundary thence east with his south boundary to a dogwood and popalar thence south east on the same course to a _______ thence north or nearly so to William Arnetts line _______ north to a dogwood near William Arnetts field thence down the hill _______ top of the _______ to a large red _______ near  the _______ _______ _______ bottom of the hill and from thence a direct course to the beginning to have and to hold the same to the said William P. Arnett, his heirs, and _______ forever I do _______ _______ the said Arnett that _______ lawfully _______ of said land have a good right to convey and that the same is  _______ _______ I do further _______ and _______ myself my heirs and representatives to _______ and forever defend the title to the said land and _______ _______ _______ to the said William P. Arnett his heirs and _______ against the lawful claims of all persons whatever this the 8th day of November 1849.


_______ _______                                      James Wilmore   seal?


_______ of us _______ _______ _______ a witness

JNO G. Andersan

______ his mark _______


                                                                               Tennessee Smith County


Personally appeared before my William __ Hallarn Clerk of the County Court of Smith County John G Andersan and Rleasant Tuner _______ _______ witnesses to the within deed who _______ first _______

_______ _______ _______ _______

_______ _______ _______ _______ ________

_______ _______ _______ _______ _______

_______ _______ _______ _______ _______

of May 18

       _______ _______ ________

       _______ _______ ________


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