Valentine H. Brown Deed in Trust


Transcribed By Judy French, Comments Click Here


State of Tennessee Smith County


Know all men by these presents that I, Valentine H Brown for and in consideration of the sum of one dollar to me in hand paid by Asa Johnson of the county aforesaid this receipt (?) whereof is hereby acknowledged have this bargained and sold unto the said Johnson the following described property to wit half dozen chairs and all the interest that I have in my father’s estate, deceased, one looking glass, one oven, one pair dog irons, one shovel, one pair tongs, four pot chers (?), one sugar dish, one cream pot, half dozen china plates, one set china cups and saucers, four bottles varnish, one coffee mill, one hymn book, one crockets tour (?), one bed stead, three picture frames, one trunk, one small chest, two smoothing irons, one piggin, one cann (?), two tin buckets, two coffee pots, one as (?), one weeding hoe, one set table spoons, one set tea spoons, one large soup spoon, one large earthen bowl, one empty barrel, one pad lock, one bottle, one set knives & forks and four glass tumblers.  For the following uses and purposes and for none other that is to say thou whereas I am indebted to William Payne & Son in the sum of fifty dollars due by account.  Now is the said sum of fifty dollars due as aforesaid should be well and truly paid by the first day of January next then (?) and in that case this instrument is to be void otherwise it shall remain in full force and ver____ and if the said debt of fifty dollars shall remain unpaid on the said first day of January next then the said Asa Johnson is hereby authorised and requested to sell the before mentioned property by first giving at least ten days notice at three of the most public places within five miles of Dixon Springs and shall sell the same for cash or on a credit until the first day of June (?) then next following and apply the proceeds of the sale to the payment of said debt with interest and cost and should the said William Payne & son on either or them at any time previous to the first day of January aforesaid become dissatisfied or uneasy about the situation of safety of said property or any part thereof the said Johnson is hereby authorised by their directory the same to take the whole or any part of it into his actual possession and shall sell the same if directed to do so by the said William Payne & Son or either of them before the 1st day of January next but in that event a credit shall be given on this sale until the said first day of January the said Johnson first giving publick notice as before named and shall as aforesaid apply the proceeds of the sale of said property to the payment of said debt with interest and cost in testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affirmed my seal this ninth day of June one thousand eight hundred and thirty seven.

(Signed) Valentine H. Brown (seal)

In consideration of the within deed in trust I assign my name as trustee (signed) Asa Johnson

(County clerk statement signed the 10th day of June 1837)


Personal note: Francis Kerby executed a Deed in Trust in August 1837 and mentioned his share of the estate of Richard Brown.  Francis Kerby’s wife was Barbara Brown.  Was Valentine H. Brown her brother and Richard their father.  See Valentine Brown’s will for further info.


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